Another brick in the wall~

It got started with a simple foundation

The groundwork began

Bricks were laid one by one

Side by side

Built up from the ground

By hand, with no plan

It was to be a mighty wall

Time stood still

Some bricks fell

Work resumed on the wall

Bricks were laid one by one

Side by side

The pattern repeated itself

The wall just kept on growing

If you stood on either side

Your view was solid ~ wall

To this day, the wall grows

It is reinforced with a steel will

New plans for the wall

Where there were none before

It will make it stronger

Bricks won’t fall one by one

They will remain, side by side

It’ll protect what it houses

A fortress offering its shield

With a sentry by it’s door

But you won’t see it

You won’t see much

It’s all inside~the wall~

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