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Had my Kenzy today, enjoyed her for a few hours…went shopping for her yesterday, had to get her some new chones…but I was appalled during the process…mind you little Kenzy is only 2 years old and some change…wears a size 4T…I just wanted basic panties…hard to find those among bikinis and hipster chones…like seriously…ended up getting her the boy shorts…sigh…

Today I moved on to some upholstery project I had on the back burner…that was fun…and here are some pics of my work…

The steak was for my break…


After a few conversations with some of my readers/friends over my “water under the bridge” blog I felt I had to come back and explain some of my thought process…not easy to do as I tend to go all over the place with my thinking…and everything else around me…ADHD is beginning to look like a friend….

But back to the esplainin’…I am an avid reader, I love the written word, I don’t have a particular favorite author, I do have favorite genres…and I also read random blogs, political articles, historical pieces, etc, etc.. and one of the things that draws me in to any story I am reading is the ability to connect with the character or the writer…in my writing I tend to attempt to draw in my readers…it happens, they see themselves in what I write…often times to the point of them feeling it was written about them…that rarely happens…yes I may draw from current situations I may be in the midst of or simply observations…on the occasion that I do write about someone I will extend them the courtesy of giving them a heads up (and yes, I still have a couple of pieces to write by request…haven’t forgotten).

When I am reading someone else’s story I like to see how they ultimately resolve their dilemma often times it is feedback from readers that serves as a guide for them…it’s like reaching out to the universe for advice and the universe throws back its wisdom….me…well my resolutions don’t often work for anyone else…rarely do they work for me…but you can’t always turn back the hands of time and get a do over….I am more of a cautionary tale….

So when my writing resonates with you it is a “feel good” for me, it lets me know that something I had to say did evoke a feeling…maybe not the best feeling…but a reminder that we all are connected somehow….our life experiences sometimes are a mirror…and there was so much more I could say about my thinking and/or writing process…but there that thing again….ADHD…


Cryptic much…not….

“Purple popcorn. Sun. Fork.” Do you understand what that means? Of course not! It’s totally cryptic…seems like perhaps my last post fit that category…4 individuals questioned my last blog…they each thought it was about them…hmmm…guilty conscious much…

The individual in question was a friend that I have been playing phone tag for a while with…we finally coincided with a plan to get together…only to have that cancelled (again)…no biggie, I’ve done that a time or two or ten…life happens, things come up…I don’t get bent over it…but the pisser here was the lame and tacky way it was handled.

Simplicity works much better…”something came up…raincheck” would’ve been a lot better than how it played…details not important…but I know when to call it good and move on.

One of the biggest annoyances is a waste of makeup and wardrobe…I could’ve made a spontaneous outing with someone else…but it didn’t feel right…and I had to unruffle my feathers…


Goodbyes are not always easy…some goodbyes are meant more like a see ya later…some are more final…I’ve got a few final goodbyes under my belt…and not the ones where someone physically died, they just became dead to me…whether thru negative actions on their part…or mine…(I’m no angel after all) anywho…as of late I have another one…not because of anything catastrophically or inherently beyond reason…but it just worked itself into that…the saying of water under the bridge applies in many instances, I do have a forgiving nature, I am easy going…for the most part…but in other areas I am unyielding, unbending and allow things to get to a point that there is no turning back…so with that being said….yup, water under the bridge….nothing to forgive and no regrets…but……..I’ve learned thru the years that we don’t always know what the water carries and it’s best to take a step back and not wallow in the muck…h20


I’m feeling a disconnect..it’s been a while since I’ve been in that place, not a good place, not a bad place either…it’s more of a limbo situation, but not in a theological sense…like someone just stepped on my power cord and pulled my plug.

I’ve been operating almost on autopilot, it’s been a good week, not busy at all, not busy with people that is, paperwork wise, yes, thankfully I’ve had plenty to keep me from going insane.

I’ve tapped into some old skills, sewing, crocheting, painting…framing some travel prints I’ve had for a while, swapped some books out for some fabric, yarn, ribbons and frames, no glass and they were plain old cheap ass vanilla frames, but I mixed some paints and I am pleased with the resulting hue. Put my paper cutter to use and now I need to decide where I will be hanging the prints.

Finished reading a painfully boring book by an author I’ve enjoyed in the past, she most definitely was off her game…but I had to see it through. Started another book last night and I’ll get back to it tonight…my sleeping has been all fuckered up this week but this is my Friday.

Trying to crochet a scarf and if my all but forgotten skills return I may try to make a throw or two….keeping some fabrics and giving a bunch away, have some for a quilt for Makenzy with some pillows…back in the day I was a pretty damn good seamstress…but my ADD pretty much did away with my interest in many things…maybe I’ll find joy in those activities again…glad I kept one of the three sewing machines I had…anywho…time to call it and try to get some sleep…


Aye school…


It’s actually A school…but I’ve had people ask, in a nutshell…here you go…a brief explanation…and I may have some inaccuracies as even my sailor doesn’t know what all he has in store for him.

The Navy’s Nuclear program offers extensive training as nuclear propulsion plant operators and technicians to individuals with an aptitude in mathematics and science. The standards for selection for enlistment in the Nuke program are high.

The Nuke program has three job specialties called “ratings”, they are Machinist’s Mate (MM), Electrician’s Mate (EM), and Electronics Technician (ET). The rating in which a candidate is trained is determined at the Recruit Training Center (boot camp). My son is an EM.

ELECTRICIAN’S MATE…a brief description…

It’s a long and very intense path…starting with boot camp and that first graduation, then A school…which my son has just completed…that consists of: basic knowledge of technical mathematics and a basic understanding of power distribution. Students solve basic equations using phasors, vector notations and basic trigonometry and analyze DC and AC circuits. Students demonstrate working knowledge of DC and AC motors and generators. Students learn to operate electrical equipment using controllers, and to properly test, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair electrical circuits, motors, cables, circuit breakers, and other related electrical equipment for power distribution.

Each rating has a different set of technical items that the enlistee has to master…

There are three levels each Sailor needs to complete.  There are graduation ceremonies for each one.

  1. A School
  2. Power School
  3. Prototype

Power school is what comes next after this graduation and leave…This course provides a comprehensive understanding of a pressurized-water Naval nuclear power plant, including reactor core nuclear principles, heat transfer and fluid systems, plant chemistry and materials, mechanical and electrical systems, and radiological control. All 3 ratings go through Power School.

Lastly we have Prototype: This course provides knowledge of the fundamentals of a Naval nuclear power plant and the interrelationship of its mechanical, electrical, and reactor subsystems. Students develop oral communications skills. Students understand the physical nature of nuclear radiation, its detection, interaction with matter and human health consequences, and gain knowledge of the safe operation of a complex Naval nuclear power plant and its sophisticated subsystems with an emphasis on basic industrial safety principles. Students learn to identify, troubleshoot, and correct problems in nuclear mechanical, electrical, or reactor control systems at the component level with an emphasis on reactor systems, and apply earlier technical classroom knowledge gained to the practical safe operation of Naval nuclear power plants. Officers are given the broadest understanding of the plant subsystems, and are taught command skills to effectively lead the watch team in the safe operation of a Naval nuclear power plant.

Each segment runs 6 months, rerating can occur during any phase…The academic rigors are very intense and competitive. This is tech school on speed. 8 hours of classes and then at least two hours of studying per night…mastering time management is surely a must…



Life has a way of stopping me from doing more than I should be doing. Take yesterday for instance…tried weed eating, battery wasn’t fully charged, didn’t do much….tried mowing, ran over the cord, killed it…love that I can push a button and easily start my mower…just haven’t mastered the whole dragging of the cord…yard looks tarded….this morning my body just quit…it just said “silly bitch…you’re done” just like that…I retreated with my tail between my legs.

I was going to reach out to an estranged family member…caught myself…said to myself…not your turn.

Did a bit better in the laundry department…got my stuff unpacked from my little getaway, now it’ll be a week or two before I get to what I just washed. I don’t know why I can’t just get it all done right then and there.

Cooked a pot of beans, bought groceries, had carbs in mind….I got a lot of carbs. Weighed myself…I gained 5 pounds…sheesh, that shoulda gone the other way.

I had set aside some non perishable food items for Saturday’s roundup, the USPS did not pick up the food I had bagged, found someone who could use it and delivered the goods.

Spent the afternoon with my beautiful baby girl…we took out trash and she “helped” clean.

And that’s about all the unexciting blah schtuff going on around here…Only stopped by to do this while I wait for something to load on another page, I miss writing just can’t find the inspiration so once again I will lie to myself and tell myself I’m going to keep trying….



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