Random randomness…


Life has a way of stopping me from doing more than I should be doing. Take yesterday for instance…tried weed eating, battery wasn’t fully charged, didn’t do much….tried mowing, ran over the cord, killed it…love that I can push a button and easily start my mower…just haven’t mastered the whole dragging of the cord…yard looks tarded….this morning my body just quit…it just said “silly bitch…you’re done” just like that…I retreated with my tail between my legs.

I was going to reach out to an estranged family member…caught myself…said to myself…not your turn.

Did a bit better in the laundry department…got my stuff unpacked from my little getaway, now it’ll be a week or two before I get to what I just washed. I don’t know why I can’t just get it all done right then and there.

Cooked a pot of beans, bought groceries, had carbs in mind….I got a lot of carbs. Weighed myself…I gained 5 pounds…sheesh, that shoulda gone the other way.

I had set aside some non perishable food items for Saturday’s roundup, the USPS did not pick up the food I had bagged, found someone who could use it and delivered the goods.

Spent the afternoon with my beautiful baby girl…we took out trash and she “helped” clean.

And that’s about all the unexciting blah schtuff going on around here…Only stopped by to do this while I wait for something to load on another page, I miss writing just can’t find the inspiration so once again I will lie to myself and tell myself I’m going to keep trying….


Monday Funday~

Let the light shine on me~

Who ever has fun on a Monday? I got up early and have been cleaning, moving dust around, swept the driveway and sidewalk and got the boys up early too so they could pull weeds and get it done before the sun comes out in full force.

I got some vacuuming done, have a cake in the oven, tea brewing and we are out of water.

After 5 I will go pick up some rentals and watch a movie tonight…all for the price of a slice (big slice) of butter cake.

So I’m off to get some water and then rest my back…

A day in the life~~

I was down for a nap but then my dreams were interrupted by a piercing shriek which cost me 17% of my hearing…I think it is permanent. I think everyone else in a ten-mile radius was asleep too so they didn’t hear…..not that it matters much because for most people “permanent” means the next ten minutes or until being buried by searing lava or suffocated by choking ash… but then I turned around and I woke up and for the life of me I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I finally got out of bed. Then I got all jittery and my head started to pound like the waves pound the shore and not the kind of pounding that brings a smile to my face and makes people wonder what’s been up what I’ve been up to or….and I just knew it was time to get busy…

I decided today was to be a day to get things done. Boy # 2 decided he would do all the yard work, front yard, back yard, the STILL vacant apartment yard, behind the apartment and next to the driveway in the back. I had him pick up all the trash, including the trash that came from the neighbor’s yard. Originally I was going to just go with being a bitch and have them throw it back in his yard…but I just couldn’t do it. So anyways he picked it all up, and didn’t learn anything bad from mom…like how to be a vindictive bitch. I have my good points. Boy # 3 gets to do it next time….oh and because I still don’t have a weed eater I had to edge by hand, talk about fun; at least it was pleasantly cool outside.

Boy # 2 and I watched a movie together, Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner…then all 3 of us watched NCIS and that was it for my TV watching today. I’ve got some movies DVR’d that I need to watch and clear off. I’ve also gotten a few more items ready to freecycle, including a cookie jar I got at a benefit auction. It was broken (damn it) but I managed to glue it back together…I just decided I will part with it…maybe someone else can make use of it. That’s about all for today…I’m off to read while I leave my playlist playing for background noise.

In my hood~

bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang X's 4

Last night…or rather very early this morning there were gunshots to be heard from my bedroom window. Four rounds with 6 to 7 shots each time. I was on Skype with my friend Tracy who began to freak out so I humored her and I got up and checked to see if the doors were locked, they were. I had my bedroom light on so I’m sure if there was a mad gunman outside he would have seen me moving around. Anywho after we got off Skype and was headed back to bed another 6 shots rang out. I almost called Tracy back but decided not to as I didn’t want to alarm her. I did my routine going to bed stuff and called it a night or tried to…I ended up reading a few chapters before finally being able to get some shut-eye. 

Early this morning I logged on to my email and also looked at our online newspaper to see if there was anything on the gunshots….nope, nothing. I looked at the police call log, and there were a gazillion (two pages) calls into the local PD with reports of gun fire. 

Oh well….guess it wasn’t anything big. 


The boys are now doing their laundry and mowing the yards…it didn’t take long for the grass to grow….I’ll be out in a bit to check and make sure they clean up and picked up the trash and didn’t just mow over it. 

Okay so I had to take a pause in writing this because my crabby neighbor stood outside my window having a conniption, seems Boy # 3 in doing part of the neighbor’s yard got grass clippings on his driveway and now he is pissed off that he is tracking grass into his car or home. So Boy # 3 needs to go and get that cleaned up. You would think the old fucker would say thank you for mowing that strip, but instead he gives me the stink eye. Asshole.  

I don’t feel I have the energy to go to the grocery store, I didn’t go last weekend…I wish I had Boy # 1 here to do that, I miss him, and not just because he was my grocery shopper. 

Well I’m off now, I have horrid coffee breath and need to get moving before I become to stiff to function. 

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