Wish You Well ~ David Baldacci

(Louisa and Oscar) Lou and Oz, brother and sister having grown up in the hustle and bustle of New York soon find themselves without a father, due to an accident that also leaves their mother in a catatonic state.

They end up in the mountains of Virginia with their great-grandmother who at 80 years old is still working the land, no electricity nor modern conveniences. The year is 1940, and soon both Lou and Oz find themselves learning to toil in the heat and the hard winters, growing their own food and learning to work a farm.

The language is beautiful, Baldacci paints the picturesque landscape with words that bring the mountains to life….his words also give the reader a very clear view of the harshness of life before all the things we now take for granted.

The plot thickens when bad guys come in to the picture and want to force the senior Louisa to sell her land, without her sale the other farmers cannot sell theirs.

This is a departure from the typical Baldacci novel, but if you are a fan of his writing I would encourage you to read it.

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