Feeling the love♥

I love my boys!

For the record I am not one of those girly girls that expect or want anything on a so-called “holiday”. In the past my kids have asked me what I want for my birthday or for Mother’s Day. I don’t want for much, certainly no material tokens deemed appropriate by the retail giants. I’m quite simplistic and practical. I am not a flower person, though I do think flowers are beautiful, I did a stint (a lifetime ago) working with flowers, exotic, expensive, beautiful flowers. I was able to take dozens of roses, gladiolas (my favorite) tulips….etc, etc.. home practically every day. I had fresh flowers daily in every room of the house. Two to three dozen roses in the bathroom, whatever was to be discarded or was leftover was free for the taking, and I took, and I made careless and creative arrangements and put fresh flowers in every nook and cranny of my little home. But fresh flowers made into pretty arrangements require care and attention, water needs to be changed, stems need to be recut. Flowers die and in their wake there is a stench that builds up if they are not discarded. I worked 14 to 16 hours a day back in those days…pretty soon the newness of fresh flowers wore off. I one day swore off of flowers, roses especially, sure they are pretty when they are bought at your local florist shop and the stems have been taken care of and the thorns are all gone. But roses undergo quite a bit of handling, roses from Columbia come in huge boxes with stems that are over 30 inches long. With thorns starting at the top and going all the way down. Someone has to get those roses ready to be picked up and bundled…and that is where the blood comes in….wow…I’m a bit off track here…lol…anywho…we worked by piecework, meaning we had to get a certain number of arrangements done to get a chip, chips were color coded by complexity of arrangement. At the end of the day chips were turned in and tallied….I was able to work with a group of women that I enjoyed, we were diligent and conscientious of our work, we got our chips and were actually pretty efficient (and then some). So anywho…it was this stint working with flowers that got me to where I lost my appreciation of the beauty of fresh flowers. So while I may appreciate a gift of flowers, my mind will naturally go to the thought that a. you paid way too much for them, b. they are already dead and will die some more 3. chocolate isn’t dead.

Wow…that up there was so off topic, not that I have a topic or anything, I am just blubbering. Back to what I was jabbering about….Mother’s Day and the propaganda that goes along with it…..for me…it isn’t a necessity. I am  a mother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  I don’t want, need or expect any platitudes…but that is not to say I don’t appreciate the little things done by my sweeties. A cup of coffee, served just the way I like, actually made just the way I like, 2 scoops, per cup of water with one sugar and 2 creams. See….very simple. I don’t want/ need cards, flowers, chocolates or any trinket emblazoned with the word mom encrusted in diamonds.

As long as I know and sense the sincerity of love and appreciation coming from my boys I am the most content and the happiest of mother’s. Boy # 3, my sweet tater pie was the first to come to me to wish me a HMD, he knows how I am but still wanted to fix breakfast for me…it was hard to allow this spoiling…I am no longer a breakfast person, just give me my coffee and I’m good. Well he gave me my coffee but he also whipped up some french toast.  I did forewarn him that I would only have one piece and mine had to be the last one, and please no hurry and make it extra dark and toasted. It was actually pretty good, but I had to struggle to eat it, my appetite is not where it has been.

Boy # 1 was the second one to acknowledge me and the day, he called me and we chatted for a while. I love my first born in a different way than I do my other two. I’ve had him longer in my life and we did a lot of growing up together. He will always have a special place in my heart.

Boy # 3…..it took him quite a while to say anything…guess he must have caught something on TV or the internet that let him know what today was. No biggie. We laughed it off.

If there is one thing I know, it is that my boys love me. and they know I love them. And this Mother’s Day and every other one in the past has been a great one. I’ve felt the love, and that is what matters most.

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