Note to self~ nix the oversharing~

So anywho I am slowly recovering from the road tripping…and I’ve decided I am fully recovered from the slight bit of family drama. Today I finished putting away the stuff I had unpacked, got some laundry (one load) done…will do the rest later this week or weekend…or even next week.

Colorful Colorado, I think not~

I’m having some weird episodes of stiffness, the slightest leaning forward I do leaves me feeling like I need someone to turn the crank on me and straighten me up. Not a good feeling.

Got all the road trip pics on my desktop and need to go thru them to see if there are any I want to get printed. I probably should go through ALL of my pics and do that. We don’t know what the next bit of technology will bring us, currently most of my pics are on discs, flash drives or on my pc. But that is a huge undertaking I am not up for at this time. What I may do though is move my scanner to a different place where it might be easier to access and then I may try to scan some older pics….we shall see…sounds good in theory but in application…hmm….don’t know.

This day has really gone by quick….well seems like it anyway, could be I was awake most of last night and stayed in bed later.

I’ve got some steaks out, may throw them on the grill and make a small side dish to go with that.

Well I’m off to fold laundry, maybe put it away…get me a tall glass of ice tea and sit outside for a bit and read for a while.

Woke up to some BRRRR~

It is 36 degrees currently and the high expected to only reach the low 50’s and if that wasn’t bad enough tomorrow snow is expected. Gotta love this crazy weather. I was talking to my aunt on the phone and we were just talking about the benefits of warmer weather…and I was thinking out loud about asking my DR for prescription for travel to a warmer climate to see if that would help with the pain. We talked about Hawaii as she was just there….and I’d like to possibly return to Hawaii to create new memories and visit Cynthia’s  ( chocolate shop.

I am bundled up in my red fuzzy robe and I can’t get warm…I will be moving on to a different room and will bundle myself with a blanket…maybe a hot cup of tea will help. I have a book I’m reading and I want to get lost in a fictional world that does not parallel my world in the least.

So I am off to go and get some stuff done that I started yesterday, get my tea going and forget about the evils of the world for a while.

I bring you a rare glimpse~

A rare and brief glimpse of what there could be….travel, that’s what. My hope for this next procedure is that it fixes me and that it is the last one I have to endure. For the sake of this blog, I’ll go with the positive possibilities.

I've wasted enough of my life already~

So what would I do to celebrate?

For starters~

At the first moment when I wake up pain-free I will spontaneously decide to hit the road. I’ve got the idea of checking out a small travel trailer I can hitch to my truck, I just need something that sleeps 3-4, preferably 4.

something small like this~

 Then I want to just take off, go visit family and friends…and Vegas. I had two occasions where Vegas was there, both family and friends met up there, and I wasn’t able to go either time.

~ What happens in Vegas....

It is my time, and what sucks is that now that I have nothing to hold me back I can’t, why? because I have something holding me back…my state of cripplehood.

I just had a thought…I need a personal assistant….I need someone to just wheel me around, carry my bags, pave the way for my wheels….but no…I don’t want to travel that way. I want to be able to have the physical freedom of getting myself from point A to point B. I want to be able to do it on my own. I guess I do have something holding me back after all.

But Vegas will be on, not only Vegas, I want to also schedule a family friendly trip for the boys and myself. Because contrary to unpopular belief, it’s not all about me. Yes, Vegas will be about the usual things to do in Vegas, casinos, the strip, the shows, and whatever else is geared for the adult that I am. But I also want to take the boys somewhere we haven’t been before, and I know there are plenty of places….just have to save money and work on that plan…oh and get healthy enough to enjoy it.

~Sunday, bloody (more like boring) Sunday~

Earthquake in Tokyo, typhoon in China, air crash in NY, landslide in India, latinos hail Sotomayor, Texas inmate hides gun in fat flabs, 40 hurt in California prison riot, Baby Found Crawling on Busy Street, Hillary cuts her hair….such is the craziness around us.

As for me, well, more sleeplessness than I care for, I wish I could sleep 10-20 hours a day, that would surely help me with this damn recovery, I’m so fucking tired of being tired, tired of hurting, of not being able to get around. Imiss my independence, one thing is for sure, I will not ever take it for granted.

The day has to get here sooner rather than later where I will be able to just get on with my life. I don’t know what the next stage will be, I do know than I will make changes, like possibly more travel. More get togethers with family, I will work on accepting the invitations to visit….

But today….well I have another day of nothingness ahead of me, I need to go to the grocery store, but I just don’t have the energy or desire to go….I wish I had a personal shopper, that knew what products and brands I use….oh well….I can dream….even if I have to be awake to do it….

Well I’m off hopefully something positive will fall on me today…

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