It’s 35° currently…and I am a bit on the chilly side, I slept in a nightshirt and nothing else and I had already removed a blanket from my bed as we had temps in the 80’s over the weekend. But winter is still here and the temps are crazy, later today it’ll be in the 70’s as it will be for the next couple of days but the forecast also has a cold front coming this weekend….which bums me out some.

I am craving sweets and will bake some goodness later today, a special treat for the boys since they are home on Spring Break…I will also see if they want to do anything today, maybe I can drop them off somewhere…like at the skating rink or bowling alley.

I did accomplish one small task yesterday, I cleaned out my undie drawers and tossed out old booby holders and dental floss (thongs) I know TMI….but if you must know the thongs came as a set with the bras.

Can you say yum?

Steak for dinner sounds good…maybe some mashed potatoes….or better yet being that it is Saint Patty’s Day maybe some Bangers and Mash.

Progress…of sorts…

can't wait 2 ditch this~

Without realizing it…I sat down on the couch without my walker…woohoo…typically I drag the damn thing around when I don’t feel steady on my feet and I also need it to assist myself as I get up from where I’m seated…usually the pot (sorry TMI) or the couch. I also hold on to it as I try to get myself situated…well I didn’t realize I had done so until I went to get up…but I managed to get myself up…I won’t go into embarrasing detail as to how I accomplished that, instead I prefer to glow from the excitement I experienced at being able to do what I did without it. A small victory but a victory nonetheless. Yay me!!

Finished reading a book that had me in tears, the topics of abuse and betrayal lightly intermingled with that other subject (love) I hate reading about…sadly the parralells to some of  my experiences were there, vividly. I am no longer amazed at the capacity for hurt people are able to inflict on others, be it a child or an adult. Bad people are everywhere. I hate bad people.


Where I’m @

...can't sleep~

I’m propped up in bed right now, fighting sleep, or maybe it is the other way around, sleep fights me. Jerk.

I am slowly reading the Wynonna memoir, unlike me to read this slow, I can read a book a day, 2 if I am on a roll, this one has been slow going, I like Wynonna Judd, even though I am not a big country music fan….maybe I should just pick up another book and put this one aside….I may do that tomorrow, I am too cozy and warm to get up, I took my socks off and the floor is cold, the carpet is cold, my house is cold, but I had the heater on and it got to freaking hot for me.

I am gassy too, I know TMI, but hey I can do that here….must have been the chili….so I am offering up some gas…need some, let me know, I have the hook up.

I will be headed to hell next week, but there is a highlight to my trip to hell, I will get to meet an online friend in person, and I know she is a her and she is a she and not a lumbering man in drag….not like that one book I was reading where this chick had a friendship with this dude online for  a while, then it turned out the dude was a dudette….I don’t have that worry.

I will have a busy weekend getting ready, getting my house in order and making sure my kids have enough food while I am gone. I think I will try to get some of those pesky little issues resolved tomorrow if the weather is bad and boy # 1 doesn’t have to work. Should have done that today since he was home all day….but I wasn’t up for it.

I broke down and got a cell phone, I had no intentions of getting one, but it is a necessary evil. I still need to put all my numbers in it. Well not all my numbers, I won’t be giving out the number to too many people.

I have been having continued panic attacks…I hope those end soon. I could go on and on and continue to ramble, but I’ll spare you….

One more thing…I have a huge zit on my face….I hate zits…I’m too old for zits….

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