Kill the Messenger ~ Tami Hoag

If you like fast paced police thrillers, you will enjoy this book. Told from different character perspectives, you are drawn into each character and will find it hard to put down.

Jace a 19-year-old bike messenger becomes entangled in a murder and blackmail scheme. Distrustful of the police he runs, taking with him the package he was to deliver. Soon he finds himself way in over his head, running for his life and putting his life and those around him in danger.

At one point when the narrative of another character took off I almost was afraid the author would forget Jace, the ending did not disappoint.

Watch Me~

I just finished the last of the “Last Stand” series…and started on the Stillwater Trilogy…except I’m short one of the Stillwater books, meaning I may have to go to the library and get the one I don’t have….

Watch Me~

Sheridan Kohl was just a teenager parked at the lake in Whiterock, Tennessee with a boy named Jason when a stranger wearing a ski mask shot them both.  Sheridan lived but Jason died–and the stranger was never caught.  Twelve years later, by working at The Last Stand, Sheridan has learned a thing or two about investigating crime.  She returns to Whiterock, intent on achieving answers at last.

But someone doesn’t want the truth to come out.  Someone unexpected.  Someone who is willing to resort to murder.  Again. Unexpected is about right, but I was able to figure it out midway…or had a strong hunch…

Stop Me~

Who was the real killer?

Romain Fornier lost his reason for living when his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. He used a cop’s gun to mete out his own justice and spent the next few years in prison. Once he was freed, he returned to his Cajun roots in small-town Louisiana. But now he learns that he might have killed the wrong man.

Jasmine Stratford, a psychological profiler, is convinced his daughter’s killer is still alive—and that she and Romain have something in common. She believes the same man kidnapped her sister, Kimberly, sixteen years ago.

What happens next?

Jasmine is determined to track him down when she receives an anonymous package, postmarked New Orleans—the bracelet she gave Kimberly for her eighth birthday. She approaches Romain because she knows he can help her… if he chooses.

But searching for the man who irrevocably changed both their lives means they have to rise to a killer’s challenge:

stop me.


Trust Me~

The first book of the “The Last Stand” series has taken me longer to read than the last 3…but as the author stated the books stand alone and you can start with anyone and still enjoy them and not feel lost. I wish I had started them in the correct order as there is mention of some of the same characters in the older books and they end up dead…so knowing the outcome took away from the other books, but not by much…I’ll be starting on book 2 of the series…here’s my recap of  Trust Me.

Four years ago Skye Kellerman was attacked in her own bed.  She managed to fend off her knife-wielding assailant, but the trauma changed everything about her life.  As a result of that night, she joined two friends–also survivors–in starting The Last Stand, an organization to help victims of crime.

Now her would-be rapist is getting out of prison.  Early.  And Skye knows that Dr. Oliver Burke hasn’t forgotten what her testimony cost him.

There is the conflicted love interest, David, whose wife was recently diagnosed with MS and the surprising twist involving her. A good summer read.

The Perfect Murder

Another Last Stand Book. These do not have to be read in order, can stand alone. Fast read about newest member of the Last Stand group. She is on her first case, trying to find to kidnapped girls. Love, murder and a very disturbed man make this book worth reading.

For more than a year, Sebastian Costas has been trying to unravel the truth behind the murder of his ex-wife and son. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he’s convinced that her second husband—a cop—committed both murders, then faked his own death. Now Sebastian has followed the slimmest of leads to Sacramento…and that’s where he finally gets the break he needs. Jane Burke, an investigator with The Last Stand, calls him in connection with a separate crime—a crime that could lead him straight to the man he’s been looking for.

Once married to a serial killer, Jane has spent the past five years rebuilding her life. And with Sebastian she finally has a chance at happiness. But the man they’re after is after them, too. For him this has become a personal battle, one he’s determined to win. Whatever it takes…


Smoke Screen & no sleep~

Finished reading Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen last night, of course that means a sleepless night. Some annoying tidbits throughout…requiring a good amount of suspended disbelief….too many characters, too much repetition…but a good summer read.

Now I am off to try to sleep, that means I take a book with me to try to read myself to sleep. Good luck to me ;(

If you like to read, here are some recommendations~

My latest reads~ (start date/end date)51Tjb0qmIJL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_

Coast Road ~ Barbara Delinsky ~09/09/09-0910/09 a quick read, a love story, not my cup of tea normally but I did enjoy it, 2 thumbs up. Speaks of “that” true love we all wish we had.

White Mountain ~ Dinah McCall ~ 09/11/09-09/13/09 ~ if you are into suspense and the paranormal then this might be your book, it starts out strong, the female character is not fully developed and the end was a little disappointment

The Flynn Brothers Trilogy~ Heather Graham ~ suspense & paranormal stuff, took me a while to get into them but they are good reads….

~Deadly Night 09/14/09-09/15/09 oldest brother Aidan’s story

~Deadly Harvest 09/15/09-09/16/09 middle brother Jeremy’s story

~Deadly Gift 09/17/09-09/20/09 youngest brother Zach’s story

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