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Tracy my co-host on The Padded Room posted this for our next show, hope you can join us, it will be at 1PM Texas time.

Our show this Thursday is a must ‘hear’! We will be talking with Ruby Cantu, co-host of The Padded Room.


Ruby has suffered with severe Scoliosis for most of her life.
By Mayo Clinic staff


Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most
often during the growth spurt just before puberty. While scoliosis can be
caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, the
cause of most scoliosis is unknown.


Most cases of scoliosis are mild, but severe scoliosis can be disabling.
An especially severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within
the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly.

Children who have mild scoliosis are monitored closely, usually with
X-rays, to see if the curve is getting worse. In many cases, no
treatment is necessary. Some children will need to wear a brace to stop
the curve from worsening. Others may need surgery to straighten severe
cases of scoliosis. 


As shown in the next photos, our Ruby, needed surgeries.

Keith Zieber, our fabulous producer will be helping me, Tracy, interview Ruby!

Ruby is in the ‘hot seat’ and we hope to see you there!!

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I woke up to my morning rituals, coffee, nets, news and such…I had one response for my book plea on freecycle and called the lady as she requested on her email. She asked what types of books I was wanting and I told her blood, guts, crime, murder, mystery, suspense, basically I will read anything….almost…so anyhoo she had tons of books and was setting books aside for other freecyclers besides myself…I sent boy # 1 (my favorite) to go and pick up the books…I was like a kid at xmas when boy # 1 returned and we went thru the bag of books…I got a couple of James Patterson books I haven’t read yet, from the Alex Cross series…they are the newer ones so now I need to hurry up and read the book I started last night so I can read those. I also got Patricia Cornwell…the Scarpetta series…I am behind on those so it’ll be fun to get back to reading her books. Other authors include Mary Higgins Clark, Koontz, Plain…and a few other books I’ve heard of but have never read those particular authors.

I also strapped myself into my back brace and decided to move things around again…I know I was going to have boy # 1 do it…and he would have gladly done it…but…I felt like doing it myself…cause there is that stubborn streak about me that just has to do things on my own….I may try to vacuum tomorrow…if I can get the vacuum plugged in….that should be a not so strenuous activity…and I also want to sweep…I’ll leave the mopping to the boys…I won’t stupidly take a chance of slipping and falling…the floor is not yet my friend.

I made one phone call to my auntie….she had surgery and I just had to call and check up on her…but as I feared I would…I woke her up…I hate calling people and either waking them up or interrupting something…I feel like I am intruding in one way or another….anyway she is doing okay and will call me back when she is less medicated and more awake.

Changed the linens on my bed and got a load of laundry done….and made burgers for the boys…it’s been a long and somewhat productive day…I am now properly medicated and propped up and wishing my pain away…but wishing won’t work….

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☻Sunday Funday

Not fun but I’ll try to make it so. Today we head back to hell….aka Austin, this time it’ll be me and the 3 kiddos. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to remove stitches on my back and I’m sure xrays. I figured it would be better to break the trip down, get there, check in, go eat and then chillax some more. It’ll be good to bond with the boys, share a room like we used to do when we did more traveling.

I’ve been following doctor orders and have done very little but rest and relax. The pain level is still under control, aches and pains here and there, but having just undergone two major surgeries, it is to be expected.

We have our stuff packed, waiting on Boy # 1 aka the driver to get in gear, then we can load up and hit the road….the long, now very familiar, much despised road.

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I came to hell AKA Austin, Texas on Wednesday, I did my pre admission and lab work then had to come back to the hospital and give them some of my blood. Then went out for dinner, then back to the hotel.

Ms. Laurie

Thursday was a long day of waiting around then on to my next Dr. visit…after that met up with the Fabulous Laurie Zieber  http://www.lauriezieber.com/Home.html  She Speaks to Inspire fame.

Ruby Cantu & Laurie Zieber

We enjoyed a little visit then went off to get some sleep…not very much sleep on either count.

Friday (EARLY) morning we heard our wake up call, which neither one of us wanted to listen to….but slowly we made it, took a few wrong turns, but got there in good time, didn’t have to wait to long, got escorted real quick.

I got into my surgical attire and then proceeded to get screwed. Not sure how many screws were used this time….

I woke up and felt pain relief on my back, but my belly is still swollen and tender.

And I just got out of bed, I didn’t take any steps, but it felt good to move.

I had many friends and family doing their prayerfull thing and I truly apprecitate every single person who has extended their heartfelt wishes for/to me.


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I need/want/must have cheesecake~

I busied myself and made appointments and registrations and reservations and then I went back to sticking my head in the sand.


I had a sense of satisfaction that I could take a breather from the madness of being put on hold and transfered here and there….anyhoo all that changed with the shrill of the telephone…change in plans…the date for surgery has been moved up, so now I’m back to rescheduling all my other appointments, notifying my insurance company….blah, blad, blah…so now I have a headache and I still haven’t slept…nor have I had a chance to resume my reading of “The Lost Son”….but that’s about to change….I’ve left messages and will go curl up on the couch and read a bit.

Cheesecake sounds good.

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Finally I am getting somewhere with all these damn phone calls made to the different players out there that are not working very efficiently. I will be getting a check for the last two months for my Long Term Disability YAY!!! Of course there won’t be any money left for anything fun, I have bills to pay. Oh and my babies are guaranteed food on the table for a while longer.


saving a tree branch~ I do my part, how about you?

Next thing I am tackling is getting my insurance carrier to reactivate my insurance cards, so that I can keep my appointment for Monday and surgery on Wednesday….of course this is another set of phone calls and emails. All this crap does not make for a sunny disposition….


Not so sunny here...

My coffee and shower are both out-of-the-way, I need to strip my bed and wash my linens, I can’t make my bed until I get boy # 1 to flip my mattress over….when I was well, back in the day….I could do this by myself…it’s the little things we take for granted…and yes I know there are people who never think about flipping their mattress…but I try to, after all I am laying there night after night in essentially the same spot, same with the seat cushions on my sofa, I need to get them all switched around.


Boy # 1~ Mattress flipper

And as I sit here typing away, I go back and forth on email, I just received an email showing that someone is actually working on my behalf and my benefits may be activated soon…yay….yes I  use my professional and polite skills of persuasion when asking for things. I’m better suited doing the asking via email, where I can pause and read before I hit send, I get really bitchy when I do this over the phone and that is counterproductive…so I’ll keep my fingers crossed…and check again after a while.

I am off to go and fix breakfast and chillax in front of the boob tube.

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Shhh.....I am pretty.....crazy~

With today being a holiday I had not planned on doing the phone thing…well it didn’t quite work that way…my doctors office called, I have an appointment Monday to review my discogram and do my pre-op stuff. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday….not much time to think about it…which works for me…I don’t want to have time to think about it…like really what is there to think about…I say let’s get on with it, get it over and done with. The promise of being “fixed” is what I have to look forward to…now if I stop to think about it then all I would end up doing is filling my head with what ifs….like what if they fuck me up more….what if they cut/hit/damage a nerve and I end up worse off than I already am..like a real vegetable…see what happens when you start playing stupid what if games….insanity…and I suffer enough with insanity…so it’s a go as far as I am concerned…I just have to work out the logistics….like getting there and getting back.


Slice & Dice~

Spoke to my aunt and she would love to come and be here and help where she can, she is still recovering from her surgery….so of course the mental imagery went all over the place….a couple of old hag cripps trying to help each other…it’s funny but it’s not…but it is more funny than not.

Yesterday I also did something I had not done in like forever…at least since my high school years….I picked up the phone and called a friend…and talked for a good 2 or 3 hrs…then we did it again for another 4.5 hours….but it felt good to talk to someone, laugh at ourselves…next time we may laugh at others….but not in a mean way…well maybe…..

Finished reading everything I had started on….and still have not hit the fluff….but it is by my bed….

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