Sunday randomness~

Sitting across from boy # 1 and this is what I hear….

“I don’t know anything, I’m drunk….off of boudin…I got nothing”

….yep that’s what he said….he had nothing…

In a couple of days he is leaving me, so we are spending some time together, he got to drive Miss Daisy (AKA my old crippled ass) one last time to my doctor’s appointment.

Ima gonna light a fire....

So anywho we went to eat at Pappadeaux, had the Jumbo Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp on a bed of dirty rice with some Boudin sausage and some french bread. We split the meal and I still managed to feel stuffed and have left overs.

On our drive there I took these random photos…just because….

then here we are in the hotel room sitting across from each other….being weird….and random.

Boy # 1



Sunday, bloody Sunday

do you look forward to Sundays with me?
do you look forward to Sundays with me?

Well, don’t know about any blood yet, but it is Sunday. I have been up for quite a while…I’m on my last cup of coffee, took the pooch out to potty, woke the boys up, put a bag outside my door for a freecycler, finishing up with this post, emails, and newspapers…then I’m throwing some jeans on, a tank top, flip flops and my hair up then off to the wall. It has been a while since I’ve been there and I need to pick up some grocery items. I’ve been sending the boys and that works for the most part, but I need to make the trip and get other things…things I can’t think of until I go up and down the aisle. I am so not a list maker…I’m taking the boys with me as I need to get them a couple of things as well and the wall does not provide carryout service and I don’t have it in me to load and unload anything.

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