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My sojourn of silence is coming to an end, I think I’m making it a short week of quiet, it really hasn’t been as quiet as I’d have hoped…I did have complete control of the tone and volume of social media. I have been spending more time with my little one and that time is priceless to me…I have been communing with nature…in the form of yard work….I have been reading more and writing more (on other forums) I have written a couple of pieces that I may release for publication….though that hasn’t been written in stone yet….I may end up reading it and hitting delete as I am prone to do….tomorrow morning is follow up lab work…I will have to fast overnight…..that sucks, I don’t know if I will pull it off or not, if I do I will stop and have breakfast before getting home…..anywho…time to get ready for the princess.


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He made her feel like she wasn’t worth anything as her tears fell at his feet, she looked in the mirror and couldn’t see herself anymore, she only saw what he wanted her to be…and she was only what he wanted to see….from denying her for not accepting to do as he wanted. She had to accept his terms or be fucked, figuratively not literally.

So she let her hair down, made her face up, put on her heels, her prettiest dress and walked on out. she did what few will dare to do, some look at her with envy and others not so much….in the end it doesn’t matter… she will walk toward the door, walk out, face the night, whether it is dark or lit by a million stars and the world will be hers once again. She is at peace with finding herself.

The one thought she has come to find comfort in is that she is only herself when she is alone. She doesn’t have to give herself and who she is, who she can be for anyone that can’t accept her for her. No more insecure, immature and jealous anyone’s to hold her back and hold her down.

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Don’t say a word

Don’t speak to me

I have nothing to say

That you want to hear

I hear the rain

I hear the cars

Trucks and vans

All the automobiles

The wind is blowing

I hear the leaves

They are falling

They gently land

I move my arm

I hear a rustle

It’s my sleeve

Touching my shirt

My fingers are tapping

Soothing my mind

I find a book

Can’t wait to hear it

It’s quiet again

The book and me

The pages turning

A story telling itself

In my hands

With my fingers

People come alive

They have much to say

You look at me

You don’t have a clue

What goes through my mind

You wouldn’t believe

There’s this and there’s that

A trip to the mall

A trip out of town

A trip back in time

A trip to tomorrow

You will be there

Looking and thinking

Wondering what else

I know not what to say

Words don’t know

Their way in my head

They sit idle by

Shh…don’t say a word

I’m listening to my thoughts

Shh…I’m hearing the words

From those in my book

© Ruby Cantu

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