To Helen Back~

AKA Austin, TX

I left around noon on Sunday, checked in and got a bit of rest…I had made arrangements to meet up with an old friend from high school. She isn’t really old, she is younger than me but we met my senior year in high school and became fast friends. We hadn’t seen each other since then but have been keeping in touch via Facebook and MySpace.

It was so good to see her and we picked up like there had not been this great span of time since we last saw each other. (Over two decades) She brought a friend along and I hit it off with her and know she will be a friend. We hope to meet up in San Antonio for all things girl…like shopping. We went to a restaurant where we ordered 3 appetizers and drinks…our table had way more food than we could possibly eat, but we tried. Time went by and next thing they were closing, so we went over to a different restaurant just down the street and ate more chips and salsa along with another round of drinks.  Sadly we had to call it a night but we will continue to keep in touch.

They dropped me off and I went to my room, took a shower and tried going to sleep…sleep was alluding me, so I messed around online for a bit, then gave that up and tried reading myself to sleep…again sleep is not my friend…I say sleep is an asshole.

I turned the light out, threw my pillow over my head and tried really hard to at least snooze, I dozed off for a bit, and felt refreshed enough to get up, get dressed, pack my bag, check out, head out, refuel, stop for coffee and a light breakfast, then head to my doctor’s office. I got there about 15 minutes early and was actually called right on time.

New x-rays were taken, nothing broken, that is good news for my overdue 6 month check up….yay for that, that was my biggest fear. But bone is not being laid over the hardware as fast as we would like, thus causing my recovery to go slower than we would like. I did get a referral for aquatic therapy, now I need to find a place to go to that will accept my insurance….let’s also hope this is affordable to me, as I will still have  a copay and at 2-3 times a week it might be out of my financial abilities. Guess I can starve us some more…I don’t want fat kids or my own ass to get fatter.



I need to flip the switch~

For the past few days I have been beyond exhausted, I had been fighting sleep during the day but for the last couple of days I’ve given in. I’m not getting much sleep during the day either, but I have taken to bed and maybe napped a few minutes and just laid there resting up before I get up again. I hate it. My mind and my body are firm believers that sleep should be done at night….but even those beliefs are betrayed as I don’t do much sleep during night time hours either. Sleeplessness has been a life constant. But this exhaustion…I don’t know what to make of it…except to blame it on my current condition. Yesterday I could have blamed it on the weather….but today….I don’t know….all I know is that I’m tired.

I look out the window and it looks like it is warm outside, it would be a perfect day for running around….but all the running around I’m doing is mental…in my mind I am thinking of all the places I’d rather be. Different parts of Texas, San Antonio, Dallas, the Rio Grande Valley….California, even Hawaii…though it holds bittersweet memories I imagine taking a trip there and erasing the bad with good….the memories aren’t entirely bad, I make them bad…and I ramble….no, they are bittersweet.

I have also lost the ability to concentrate….for days/weeks I have not read anything news worthy. I am not following current events…I have no clue as to what is going on in the world around me. I don’t like this sense of cluelessness…heck I can’t even read a complete page…

I’m going back to bed.

need sleep/rest/recharge

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