A year in review…strange happenings…

This year has been brutal, plumbing problems and repairs, central air repairs, vehicle repairs, the bazillion and one flats (I’m at 30+) tire repairs and replacements….just can’t seem to catch a break…then someone is screwing around with my accounts….I wish I knew who I pissed off or who has decided to be a dickwad, asshole, bitch, fucktard….I just can’t fathom who would go out of their way to make me their target. And I say repairs because it has been like putting cheap ass Band-Aids that won’t stay put…I’ve debated doing a police report on my flats….yes it is vandalism and destruction of property, not to mention that someone is getting on to my property to fuck with my vehicle. For that matter this asshole could also be fucking with my AC unit as well as the plumbing, all that shit can be fucked with from outside….I’ve thought of taking matters into my own hands…but it’s also inconvenient….but the tremendous heat we have had has sucked balls this year…when it reaches 90+ degrees inside it is not fun….not when I add hot flashes to the mix….I’m at a loss…the next step is installation of cameras outside…like if I could afford this shit….***sigh…

Life sucks big sweaty hairy balls

Sunday ramblings~

Undermined….that’s not quite the word I was looking for; I had it early this morning when I had these thoughts in better order…..maybe sabotage….or perhaps deliberate….maybe all of that and then some….me thinks that could be the case…nonetheless, for the sake of sanity ~ totally ~ not worth exploring….but moving on….I had a mostly uneventful but very restful weekend…

Have you ever seen a cloud in someone’s eyes?

Have you ever felt like the storm that brought the cloud?

Have you ever?

Well I have

I’ve seen the cloud in someone’s eyes

I’ve been the storm that brought the cloud

I’ve had clouds in my own eyes

I’ve felt storms and clouds, rain and lightening

And the mighty thunder

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