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Observations during shift change: 12:00AM upon opening the door to client room…heat was emanating from the room, floor was wet, and client observed huddled in corner under covers. Previous shift worker stated that the client had not responded to earlier summons to bring service dog in, Polly stated that the client had entered the facility with her son but she, (Polly) had not seen son on her shift. Entire room was in disarray with some of the furniture outside the room lining the hallway. The beds had been moved and no mattresses were observed on bed frames. Client had cordoned off the room with what appeared to be dog leashes.
Client did not respond to knocking on door when I made rounds.
At approximately 1:00am observed client through security camera, client was outside in her robe, robe was filthy and not fastened, and client had no clothing under robe. Client was attempting to open back door, door had not been propped open so I proceeded to door to allow client entry into facility.
Approximately 2:20AM client came to office and stated that her son was having a seizure. Advised client to remain with child while I placed a call to 911. Provided dispatch with information as relayed by child’s mother. Client was not able to ascertain whether son had taken medications. Observations at this time: beds were back in their regular place, mattresses were on beds. Child appeared to be in an active tonic seizure; extremities were rigid and pulled towards body, breathing was hard, and child appeared wet and had no clothing on. Advised mother to remain with child as I went to check the front door for EMS.
Approximately 2:30AM went back to room to assist client with child, at this point, I observed the mother laying over her son, and this would be best described as mother straddling son as she held his upper extremities. Child remained unclothed and mother was still in her robe, did not observe any clothing underneath robe on mother.
Approximately 2:40AM EMS arrived on site, assessment made on child; child lifted unto stretcher and transported via ambulance to Hospital. Client was unable to ride in ambulance, as the EMS could not allow the dog unto the ambulance. Client was going to follow ambulance to hospital but discovered that the battery in her vehicle was dead.
Approximately 2:50AM transported mother and dog to Hospital. During the transport to hospital client was carrying a backpack, a purse, the dog and her shoes.
Approximately 3:35AM Hospital Security personnel contacted me to report that client’s dog had attacked hospital staff and that dog would need to be picked up. I went back to the hospital where client was located and spoke to the Security Guard who advised that client was not allowed to have dog with her. She further advised that the dog was not Certified and/or Registered as a Service Animal. She further stated that it was a federal offense to report a dog as such without proper documentation. Hospital staff also addressed the issue of client not wearing shoes while in the hospital, client had been provided with socks by hospital staff.
Approximately 3:50AM returned back to facility with client and dog. Client secured the dog in a crate. Client then stated that she needed to locate her “tooth” advised client that I would allow her five minutes and then I would come and get her so that she could return to her son. Came back to client’s room to return her to the hospital and observed a large quantity of dog food spilt on floor, client requested a broom and dustpan, due to time constraints I advised client that if it was okay with her I would pick up the dog food for her. Observed client pull tennis shoes out of backpack and replace them with black loafer style shoes.
Approximately 4:10AM returned to Hospital with mother. Accompanied client into hospital, client was advised that her son would be airlifted to another hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Client stated to the nursing staff that her doctor had made allowances for the service animal and that she would like to take the dog. Client once again advised that the dog was not a service animal and had already bitten hospital staff and as such not allowed into the hospital, ambulance or helicopter. Client advised to find placement for dog.

Retrieved vehicle keys from client, swept up dog food, ensured dog was secure and had water in bowl, as I was closing the door I observed a small light orange round pill in front of client’s door.

****Disclaimer*** Not a work of fiction…


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Or at least I do, I know I am alive, I know I am stupid, I know I have limitations, I know I exceeded the limitations, I know I can still do stupid stuff and more importantly I just know I Cantu (can too).

I decided to do some yard work, which I wholeheartedly enjoy…unfortunately my back is not so fond of my lack of better judgement…I’ll start feeling the tightness, the messages sent to my brain, but something in me refuses to quit…I keep pushing and pushing…and here we are days later and still hurting (a lot) but also I am waiting for the pain to ease up so I can get back to it…yes, I could easily engage in getting help…but that would be depriving myself of such a simple joy…minus the fucking calluses. Those I don’t like, but I have manly rough hands, nothing sissy about my hands…nothing sissy about me at all…

And on to other things…my brain has been foggier, more so than what has become the norm….could be the drugs, could be the lack of activity (mental) I have been having a hard time getting into finishing a book I just started…granted when I am in pain I just cannot concentrate…so I pick the book up and keep reading the same 2-3 pages and putting it back down…I know, this too shall pass…like a kidney stone or stuck compacted turd.

And another thing I really do think I should get back to writing, like seriously my brain needs the self stimulation that only I can provide for it.

And that’s all I have for now.


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So a new chapter of my life is in front of me….I left home before I completed high school, got married and had my first son…life has been rocky at best, but not dull. Marriage did not work out for me so I went on to do the single mother thing….then I gave it another shot and had two more kids….all in all I have been a mother for about 30 years….yes I count back to when I discovered I was with child as the beginning of my road to motherhood. For the most part I have always been a single parent, even when I was in a relationship I was going it alone….I did find it easier to go it alone….there wasn’t anyone to contradict me in parenting matters…anywho…I survived it! I can proudly attest to the fact that I have 3 amazing sons, each of them following their own path. And while I may not be proud of the choices and paths they have taken I can certainly say that I am proud that they have followed their heart. I certainly did that myself…and yes that has led me to some poor choices, but they were my own choices. Even as a youngster with family feeling they had to opine I was of the mindset that they could just shut the fuck up…they weren’t paying my bills or in any way stepping up to help in any way shape or form.

With a heavy heart I took my son to San Antonio to hand him over to the US Navy…but when I say heavy I don’t mean it in a woe is me…my heart was heavy with a whole ball of emotions, happiness, joy, pride, love and admiration. On the drive there we did a lot of talking….the days before he left we spent as much time together as possible…on one of our outings he sang me a song….aside from the explicit and totally inappropriate lyrics I could hear the raw talent in his voice as he hit some rather high notes….I didn’t know he had that in him, he had never sang in front of me. I swear if he hadn’t already committed to the Navy I’d have been recording his ass and blasting him all over social media until someone took notice.

This last one leaving the nest hits hard…I’ve been looking forward to the experience of living alone, there is trepidation, nervousness, and a slew of other emotions and considerations…I know I’ll be fine. I can’t wait to start living this new chapter…actually I already have, part of that process is deep cleaning my house…though at every turn I keep finding things my child did not pack….then I get nostalgic…and I find that I will have to get another box….it’s a process.

I’ll for sure be making a bigger attempt in writing more, reading more, reconnecting more with friends I’ve neglected….funny thing about life is that it doesn’t slow down….and I can’t speed myself anymore than I already move….I curse this piece of shit body that doesn’t always cooperate with me. I am still of the mindset that I can do everything for myself…I can’t…and I hate that. It is my struggle and I am fortunate enough to have friends that are willing to step up and help out….on that note I’m stopping here I’ve things I need to get to as my break is over….


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What? Yeah…..some trends that have been growing exponentially….on Facebook most days I feel like I don’t know the place anymore….I used to enjoy my drop-ins and contributions to make someone smile or think….nowI feel like I accidentally stumbled back in time and I’m in church….the Church of Facebook….where there are all sorts of condemnations…..or back when I’d drop in at the town’s local pancake and coffee shop and the old timers would get into heated discussions over politics….***SIGH**** I do miss the old Facebook….I know some of the going ons are trends, the pet posting, the trout pout pics, etc, etc….anywho I’ll stop bitching about that….

Day off from job 1, so much to do and waiting on motivation, savoring my coffee…still doing laundry, have ironing to do, clothes to put away,a vacuum to run, a list of things I want to put together and photograph and hopefully sell, if not off to freecycle. I also have to try to finish my haircut….I can get one side just right or close enough to where it does what I want to, but I get challenged with the other side, I’ll eventually get it to where I’m okay with it or where I give up and let it grow out again.

My cup is almost dry…so I’ll be wrapping things up, shower, haircut, ironing station setup, may watch a movie while I do that….then I’m hoping for a nap before I go to job 2…..I want to enter a drawing for maid service for a year….and win….where do I sign up????

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…and disengage….and re-engage in other areas…today was somewhat productive, got laundry done (some, not all, as laundry is one of those damn pesky never-ending, never done, has to get done pesky chores…) and done is not quite accurate as putting stuff away is part of the done process….so half assed done…hey it’s better than nothing….went grocery shopping, forgot milk, damn it.

Read for a while, watched TV for a bit, hung out with the kidlets, left them alone then they came to my room to hang out some more. Gotta love ’em, just wish my oldest was close by.

Sat down with my bucket of ice cream, box of cones and pigged out….but I balanced it out with yard work and a salad.

My back is not happy with me, but it’s not like I can afford a landscaping crew….and nobody around here feels any responsibility in maintaining a clean yard….ohoh…here comes the bitchventscreamcrap….

WAH….I am so fucking tired….tired of taking care of EVERY FUCKING THING. Well not done taking care of shit, more like worrying about it…I have some areas needing MAJOR REPAIRS. Like a board that is holding the electrical wires that is somewhat detached from the house, it is barely hanging on….I’d hate to see it give….I’ve paid for a half assed repair, that didn’t last…yeah kinda got screwed on that one….I need to focus on getting the funds together for that….so major cutting back on…hmmm…not sure what….yeah no more indulging in ice cream….or going out, so yeah, work and home and that is it.

Well I’m off to focus on other schtuff….

I feel better now that I got to whine a bit….thank you internets, I wuv ewe….

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Stupid is as stupid does, and I have been on a roll. I suffered a bit with hyperactivity a couple of days ago….couldn’t keep myself to any single task…consequently I hand washed my car, I worked on scraping paint off the coffee table, I baked lemon bars, I did laundry, I swept, I vacuumed (not that it looks like I did) then I piddled around starting other things that I just didn’t get to completing….and what did I get for all this….yeah this is where the stupid part comes in…PAIN….lots of fucking back pain…I almost didn’t want to stop everything I was doing, once I stop I start to intensely feel the aftereffects of all my moving around, bending, stooping, stretching, pulling and pushing…**SIGH*** when will LIFE (without pain) go back to “normal” (whatever the fuck normal is…)

Had another session of dramatics…not a fan of that….I’d much rather pull my eyelashes out one by one…or shave my toes…but all is well now…gotta go wake the kidlets up…

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