A restful night~

Yesterday I struggled throughout the day to either fight sleep or try for a nap, I was more succesful at fighting sleep as the napping didn’t happen. The boys and I watched some TV, laughing over the craziness that was the 80’s and 90’s and I watched an older (2004) Hillary Duff (pre-Chiclets I think) movie,”Raise your Voice”.

I cooked some chicken stir fry and put that on a bed of rice and had some water and called that dinner…the boys love all the veggies, note to self…add veggies to the grocery list. Today’s menu includes steak and mashed potatoes and gravy for boy # 1. He requested all his favorites and today he will get to enjoy them….I may even through a cake in for good measure.

Yesterday boy # 3 and I finally got the laundry room done….it wasn’t as bad as it looked. I have a few items to put together for my freecycling friend and then I can call her to pick them up. I am slowly making progress…yay me. But of course I am paying for it too…I am beginning to feel soreness and pain and I had to increase my intake of pain meds so I am regretfully scaling back on my activities. I don’t want to cause myself a setback….

Well I am done with my cup of coffee and I am wrapping this up, I’ll hit the shower and get myself situated with my heating pad and TV…have a great day my friends.

have you ever???

2 old 2 play~

Have you ever done something for someone that totally goes against your beliefs? If you are like me I’m sure you have…I think we all have…I have and I don’t know that I can continue to do so….it is not just a betrayal to the person you are doing it for but a betrayal to the person you are….I’m rambling here…my meds have not kicked in.

Anyhoo I’m off to bed….if I’m awake for a countdown then so be it…if not then so be it too. Truth be told it is just another day for me…unless I look at the big picture…but I’m not up for that at this particular point. I see things that are for me yet not given to me…I am too old and tired for that nonsense.

I’m off to deal with this anxiety under the cover of darkness. Night.

Up & at ’em~

Imma gonna lay off the garlic today...
Imma gonna lay off the garlic today...

Happy Friday and I hope this early morning shot at my ASSets doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth too much, but if it is too late for that…SORRY….

I’ve been up since like forever, da pain, da fucking pain is keeping me awake. I just popped another pill, note to self, call pharmacy forĀ a refill. I am tired and a bit unhinged, I woke up, well no I didn’t, I was awake, I got up and out of bed, and was looking in the mirror and scared myself. I need a haircut…yeah I know I just cut it a couple of times…I didn’t cut enough…one of my boys just came in to hug me good bye as he left for school, and no it wasn’t Andrew, it was Derrick…he thinks he is getting too old to show affection, so it is always nice when he comes up to hug me.

On da agenda today if I have the energy to muster it will be to dust everything I can reach….which will look funny when you can see how dusty everything else will look.

Oh the chili I made yesterday was all gone….yay. I made a big enough pot of it so it was good to see it all gone. Today on the menu?? Pizza…I guess…I don’t know, sounds good, besides I have cooked all week.

Well I think enough morning ramblings, my bed should be plenty heated by my heating pad, maybe that will help my back.

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