It started with me, usually it does…hmmm…if it didn’t, then it wouldn’t be about me.

Catalysis is more of a chemistry term…but there is also chemistry between people, both good and bad and also indifferent. I’m leaning toward the latter, yes indifference. I don’t do good very well, bad…well apparently bad is where I excel.

Something innocuous was the catalyst for the change in my environment, volleys were hurled and yes what goes up must come down, so when shit hits the fan be prepared for a shit storm….it’s still raining shit. The good thing about rain is that it doesn’t last forever, and here in West Texas we don’t have rain that sticks for long, shit yes, rain no.

I am embarrassed to admit that yesterday was not one of my better moments (I won’t go into ugly, boring details, just take my word, it was sucktastic). Today I will face the day with a smile, hopefully not the demented one, but a real one. For every person I encounter without one, I will give them one of mine…I reached deep down and found a wealth of them, and I don’t need to keep them all to myself. Contrary to unpopular belief I don’t always just think about myself. ♥  ☻

Rainless and random~

Nowadays when we want to get the latest on local news we turn to FB, (that would be Facebook) if there’s been breaking news, or a break up, or even a make-up and no not the makeup we put on our faces, but the relationship kind….if it rains, what the current temperature is, you name it and more than likely someone has posted about it. I’m hardly surprised at what people post, someone (a long time ago) left the bag of idiots open and quite a few got out, some have been recaptured and tamed, but there are still quite a few roaming free and reproducing. I happen to be related to some that should have never reproduced, yes it’s mean to say it, but I think those idiots are meaner than I could ever be. Those same idiots have had no shame posting their disdain for their offspring and not in a joking manner, I’ve seen some (which shall remain nameless to protect their offspring) who have posted publicly how they hate their children and wished them to have never been born. Yes quite dramatic but sadly true.  Said idiots have been banned from my social (networking) life. And because I too have called my own children idiots I feel I need to clarify, mind you that I do clarify for my own children as well, they are not idiots, they simply do idiotic things, and before someone thinks me a hypocrite, I am to blame for some of the idiotic behavior of my children, I am their mother and father so all blame is automatically shifted to me. That’s just how the cookie crumbles in my house.

Sorry I got distracted with the FB tangent….I was on the subject of rain, or rather the lack of it, for over an hour I enjoyed the light show (lightning) and the thunder and even the teasing smell of rain, but alas not a single drop from the sky fell around me….and yes FB and the peeps and peepettes there were posting about the rain they got, they are but a few miles away….so what gives mother nature? Well not that i expect her to reply to my question….I know the answer, it just is not meant to be, at least not today.

Boy number two has been asking just about everyday if I’m going anywhere…but now I know who will be ready to go with me to the grocery store early Sunday morning. I promised him he could drive there and back. Now that could be an idiotic move on my part, but hopefully we survive it, if not well there will be one less idiot on the road, (or two).


Live another day~

My life is....
My life is....

My mutant fan didn’t fall on me nor did it smash into me or lose a blade…it actually went quiet…maybe it was testing me…trying to drive me crazier than I already am. How ludicrous am I to think a fan would turn against me…I mean in a way I could see it happening…yeah I know I’m nuts to think that the world is against me. Poor misunderstand me, always a victim….sheesh…I kid, my life is G.

Groceries have been bought, yay! My oldest is making breakfast, yeah I know it’s afternoon, but who cares, breakfast knows no rules and is always good. Middle child is putting the goods away and the youngest is tending to laundry…and me, well I am delegating and being a sidelining mother.

It was raining earlier, not hard, more like a steady drizzle, seems to have stopped now, but the mention of chicken noodle soup came up, so I will have that on the menu for this evening. Sounds like good old comfort food, tomorrow or the next day I’ll let someone else cooks, I’ll probably just have a salad.

Well I am off to make a couple of calls to family, touch base and then off to my chillaxin’ station.

Sleep eludes me…again

Back to being up when the rest of the world sleeps, pondering a myriad of thoughts. Listening to the rain falling in the background, the lull of the fan, all that should help me sleep, but it doesn’t. Back to my life, where I will spend the next hours and days ordering the boys around to get things done. I wish I had the energy to do it all, I would be moving furniture, hanging those pictures that have been propped up against the wall for months. But my body isn’t yet ready for that. Instead all my body can do for me at this time is betray me.

I’ve mapped myself out a new haircut, I hope I am able to execute it, it will require reaching up….maybe I should try a dry run before I start hacking away…LOL it would be a mess if I start cutting only to have to quit midway through it.

I’m off to try to read myself to sleep, started a new book last night, it’s got a good start so maybe that will help bring the sleepies…can’t spel, don’t care….night loves…

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