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Going downhill fast

I woke up feeling perfectly fine headed to my new (2nd) job…got there and got settled in for the day…well I didn’t get to settled…out of nowhere and without warning things got bad and fast. I was lucky my boss was there….I felt faint and shaky…yeah I forgot to eat breakfast so I thought a couple of cookies would help…I didn’t feel hungry but I ate them anyway. Soon, very soon we could tell that wasn’t going to cut it so he offered up a candy bar. But I needed to lay down or pass out, did that…but it didn’t help. So I came home and made it to the sofa but then I had to run to the bathroom where I puked up about 5 pounds worth of fluids…not good but I felt better so I went back to work. Big mistake….I managed to hang on for at least an hour then I gave up and came back home. I am now down 10 pounds and not feeling all that great. Hope I feel better soon…I cannot afford to stay home and this is no way to start off at a new job. I’m feeling too pukey to stand for long and I dread disappointing boy # 3 when he gets home shortly….he was wanting me to take him to the mall but driving is out of the question….wish I had a bitch right about now….


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Nada much yet, just got back from getting groceries and stopping by to visit my boy Josh…Boy # 3 got a movie and insists on making me watch it…Avatar….which I’ve hear is like a love story…that makes me go yuck, and gag, and puke and oh well…I’ll watch it anyway…since I did watch one with Boy # 2 yesterday.

I got some fixings for Cinco de Mayo, we will probably have some tacos, beans and rice. Just need the beer…for me, not for us. They are still babies.

Oh and big spender that I am I hit the clearance rack and got 4 shirts for $1 each….woohoo. I’ll be stylin’…not…but I’m a sucker for a good clearance.

I’ve also found a buyer for my bed, which I wasn’t planning on selling but I could use the money…that way the boys will get something besides noodles. I’ve also decided to sell my treadmill, bike and one of my dining tables…a printer/scanner, a TV, and some other odds and ends. Life sucks when you need to start selling off random things…but they are just things…so chin up…

Well I’m off to be tortured with the boys and that puke inducing love story….gag me….

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puke, puke

I’ve been working on trying to improve my disposition…I’ll never be Miss Happiness & Sunshine, nor would I ever aspire to be that annoyingly perky, puke, puke…..instead I want to put my focus on getting better and getting on with life. I’ve dwelled long enough on situations that are never going to improve beyond where they are now, and that is okay, my choices are simply to move on as I have done in the past, life goes on, doors open, doors close. The wounds heals, slowly but eventually…I’ll hope the same for my old crippled and much hacked on back.


Ever felt this way?

Panic attacks are still bothersome and I may have to discuss with my physician and find a way to deal with them, I continue to look for a cause as to why they occur, I’m not close to any answers yet…maybe I need a dog.

I’m feeling quite accomplished, my emails have finally given me results, I’m now back to having my insurance reinstated, I can now go back to the pharmacy and pick up boy #2’s inhaler.

I’ve got a couple of projects in mind that I’d like to attempt, I just need to go to the store and pick up a few supplies….and hope that what I envision in my head can be applied to the items I have in mind…if I can do what I picture in my head I will share via some photos, if not, we will forget I ever imagined I could pretend to be artistically capable.


I want to make pretties....

It is now almost 4 am, I’m debating if I should just stay up a couple of hours and get the boys up, then try to sleep…this anxiety does not seem to be going away….

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