Book ponderings~

Faith is believing in what you know to be false….

Very little is more irritating than the speech patterns of someone we know to be intelligent yet who is ignorant of grammar and correct usage.

He admired her strength until it overshadowed his. Then he sought to diminish her. She acquiesced well past the time she knew she should have stopped, sadly she was hoping he would have admired her resolve and her independence, he wasn’t man enough for her.

They all tried to change her, from muzzling her when she spoke her mind, to putting her down for daring to show she had a mind of her own.

She awoke one day to realize she hadn’t met a man yet who would have the balls to be a man. The balls he carried were nothing more than a scratching post or a couple of play things useful for warming up a cold hand.

Don’t be a Republican. They are self-dealing crooks with no sense of honor or patriotism to their fellow citizens. If you must be a Republican, don’t be a “conservative.”  They are whining, bitching, complaining, simple-minded self-righteous idiots who think they’re perpetual victims.

Go out and live life. Make real friends that are there for you and will have your back.

Don’t gay bash. Don’t mentally or physically abuse people because of who they are, or how they present themselves. It’s none of your business to try to intimidate people into conformity.


fuckity, fuck, fuck

Today has been a day of many ponderings…actually yesterday as I am now at Tuesday with Monday long gone…

I had a bothersome morning paying bills, there was a substantial increase to my medical insurance, I have my vehicle registration due soon, I received another notice from my doctor’s office concerning the unpaid balance…I had to settle a dispute with my wheelchair vendor…I gave it up, so it will be picked up, glad I didn’t get rid of the older wheelchair. My back has been killing me…yes, it was self-induced and well deserved…FML. Sunday was not a good day, I overdosed on pain meds to the point where I was throwing up, but lets not be all negative and offend anyone with my negativity…some good came of that, Boy # 2 finished cooking…and did a great job. I’m looking to strike a balancing chord on my blog, temper the negatives and the positives…so if I start whining too much, please somebody reel me in…

Or not…this is after all my blog, my little place in the world where I should feel safe bitching, moaning and whining…I should be able to say anything and if anyone finds that it offends them, or bores them or finds my pity party too depressing they have a choice…there is a red X in the right upper hand corner that will make this page go away….

I think the meds are talking more than I am…hmmmm…what’s good about that…oh yeah…the pain is not as intense…wooodafuckhoo…

I am incredibly snarky and jaded.

I need to try for bed…where I can lie on my heating pad and burn my back some more…what’s good about that…hmmm…can’t feel a damn fucking thing…woohoo see something good about nerve damage…yay…FML

Well I am off to try to read myself to sleep…key word TRY.



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