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It took a head scratching while for the perspicacity I once was well-known for to figure out what happened to my shows on HULU…apparently it is a contract situation, in hindsight I should have taken heed when I saw the “expiring” yellow lines….I was left with several episodes yet to air for one show and another just started this Tuesday on the network that I saw part of the pilot episode that looked intriguing …oh well…I suppose if I get the urge to see what I am visually missing I could hunt down the episodes on other platforms….but that is unlikely….very likely I will go for the written word on a blog that recaps the more popular telenovelas in a witty, biting, often times sarcastic and hilarious way…

Depressive ruminations are the bane of my existence…if I stay focused on mindless crap, like cheesy telenovelas…then I can remove or bypass the issues at hand that wear me out….and no I am not clinically depressed…just the thought that I have not resolved anything bites.

I am still digging my vow of silence, not that it has been 100% quiet….because it hasn’t….it has been somewhat productive, thought I must say my yard does look like a disgruntled dude named Jose from Jesus’ lawn service has massacred my lawn.


Time to get moving before I doze off….ain’t got time for that nonsense right now…


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In a slow and steady rush those thoughts zenfully arrived. I’ve been waiting for the clarity and then just like that….it was there. I thought I had my cards ready to fold, but I don’t hold the cards, I wasn’t even dealt a hand. LOL…well off I go to find something in the freezer, whatever I find will dictate what is on the menu….I’m thinking pancakes later…then whatever, I’m sure the boys won’t mind the idea of pancakes in the afternoon. I’ve got hours and hours of recorded television to keep me entertained.

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