Water under the bridge..

Goodbyes are not always easy…some goodbyes are meant more like a see ya later…some are more final…I’ve got a few final goodbyes under my belt…and not the ones where someone physically died, they just became dead to me…whether thru negative actions on their part…or mine…(I’m no angel after all) anywho…as of late I have another one…not because of anything catastrophically or inherently beyond reason…but it just worked itself into that…the saying of water under the bridge applies in many instances, I do have a forgiving nature, I am easy going…for the most part…but in other areas I am unyielding, unbending and allow things to get to a point that there is no turning back…so with that being said….yup, water under the bridge….nothing to forgive and no regrets…but……..I’ve learned thru the years that we don’t always know what the water carries and it’s best to take a step back and not wallow in the muck…h20

Morning suckiness….

Woke up this morning to a knock on my bedroom door, boy # 2 destroyed the bathroom. FML, too damn early for that. It’s like child please, stop wasting precious time bragging about your amazing feats and fix the damn crapper. Sheesh.

Lawn mower also is jacked up. Have jungles growing wild in front and back. So today after school they will be pulling weeds and picking up branches and trash. Home ownership can totally suck ass when there are little things needing fixing and we have limited handyman skills.

At least I picked up a few hours, that will save me from going off on the kidlets, a simple note with instructions will be left. Their dinner is also prepared. In a few I’ll fix my lunch and get ready and head out.

Calgon can’t take me away but for a few hours I’ll be away from temporary stressors.

I have a couple of old friends who’ve reached out, I’m trying to reach back as it was hit and miss….sometimes it is cool to reconnect, others not so much.

Well I’m off to perform miracles (must lotion and potion myself into some type of human semblance. The hair will be left with the “just rolled out of bed” look. I have lost the vanity required to make too much of an effort. Must thank my detractors.


Sisterhood of the Traveling Bracelet~

Much like the movie with the one pair of jeans, but with a more realistic one size fits all item to pass around.

A while back I stumbled upon a place that called my attention, a place for women my age (yes OLDER). I will not share its location because I want to remain selfish in that way…if you really want to know I’ll PM you the address. 

I then stumbled upon a thread that was started by another member with the idea of connecting women through a bracelet and journal…it has finally made its way to me, and all I can say it is an indescribable feeling to be a part of this group. I get to keep these items for ten days before I send them off to the next person…here’s some pics of the journal and bracelet.

Look Again~ Lisa Scottoline

This book raises so many questions about what one would do as a parent, rather how far a parent would go for their child.

What would you do if the face in a missing child photo was your son’s?

Single mother Ellen is soon faced with this dilemma after receiving a postcard in the mail and seeing the face of her adopted son. As a reporter she is soon off to investigate the possibilities. Her father and her attorney both advise her to not pursue the matter and remind her the adoption was legal. Her mother’s intuition tells her she must find the answer for the sake of her son.

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