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…and by that I mean the DONATE button → (on the right) yes that yellow one….I am shamelessly appealing to YOU, by YOU I mean You who are reading this. My youngest son is currently in boot camp and will be graduating next month. This year has been a complete bitch financially….numerous repairs to my vehicle, central air unit, the major plumbing repairs,  the countless tires I’ve either had to repair or replace due to vandalism…it has all taken a huge hit on me…it hurts…anywho…I can’t imagine missing this major milestone, my son graduating from the Navy’s boot camp…my heart swells with pride…I’ve singlehandedly raised three amazing young men, I’d love to be able to take his brothers with me but their finances are worse than mine. So back to the appeal part of this here blog….anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated, if you can share this on your page I’ll be grateful for that as well. No amount is to great or too small….I will be donating plasma, selling stuff, and cutting back every where else I can possibly cut costs…I will get there! So if you find it in you to donate or simply share this it will be much appreciated…I hate asking for help, but this is me putting pride aside. Much love to you…and thanks for reading, sharing and caring. ♥



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Sometimes things just suck.

Things like being a single mom. I love my boys, I will do just about anything (within reason) for them. But it is hard and getting harder….to keep them well fed. Having no job and dwindling financials is getting to me. The last couple of days my armor has cracked. I’m not looking for sympathy…I’m simply having a pity party. And I’m sharing it with you.

School will start in a few weeks and I’ll be having to get school supplies, shoes, clothes, though knowing my boys they won’t ask for or demand much. I love that about them, that they can see and understand the situation and not have a temper tantrum like other kids who just expect their parents to go broke financing a new wardrobe.

I’m drained, mentally…I’m not seeing a way out of this. I’ve taken my “Happy Pills” and pain pills and sleeping pills…hopefully one of them kicks in and does what it is intended to do. Or if I’m lucky they will all kick in and then I can go to sleep happy and pain free….I can dream…well no I can’t because dreaming requires sleep. Sheesh…what a bitching catch 22.

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This has been one hellacious summer as far as heat is concerned. Pretty bad when it is 92° inside my house. My last electric bill was more than double the previous one and that is due to giving in and turning the AC on. I simply cannot afford to run it. I’ve set aside some funds to give my kids a “vacation” so that takes from my other funds like the utilities and groceries. Looks like the boys may be away for about a month, they will be spending time with my oldest son and younger brother’s family. I will be home alone. Sounds good but at the same time it will be different for me, it’ll be too quiet here. But they need to get away and enjoy their summer break and not be so isolated with me. I’m sure they will enjoy it they are already excited even though we don’t have everything confirmed and okayed.

Earlier the boys were both in my room with me cracking me up, again they are telling me I should go and get married…not sure where that comes from. They know I totally suck at it and I know they wish they had a “dad” or “normal” family. It’s like a kick in the gut…they can crack jokes about it but I see and hear what they aren’t saying.

I’m doped up and a new or perhaps not so new side effect…itching…I am itching like crazy….feeling woozy and incoherent. I was on the phone with my oldest and he (and I) had a hard time following what I was saying. My train of thought was completely derailed it was like trying to talk to him about at least 3 different things at once but not making sense with any of it. With this (writing) I have the luxury of rereading and rewriting what doesn’t make sense. I don’t even know if I am making sense….

The boys need to get their laundry done and we will need to get the water bottles refilled. I won’t be able to do it myself when they are gone. I suppose I could always ask my creepy next door neighbor or my tenant to help me….Scratch that…I can switch to gallon sized containers instead of the 5 gallon bottles…I can’t see me asking anyone to help me. Just today I thought of calling a former “friend” if she might have any idea as to who might be hiring…couldn’t bring myself to do it. Damn pride….doesn’t get me too far. 🙂


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This book raises so many questions about what one would do as a parent, rather how far a parent would go for their child.

What would you do if the face in a missing child photo was your son’s?

Single mother Ellen is soon faced with this dilemma after receiving a postcard in the mail and seeing the face of her adopted son. As a reporter she is soon off to investigate the possibilities. Her father and her attorney both advise her to not pursue the matter and remind her the adoption was legal. Her mother’s intuition tells her she must find the answer for the sake of her son.

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I am a good parent!

Parenting~ I love my kids, but parenting sometimes sucks, especially taking the role of mom and dad….there’s the days when I take into account how much easier it is as a single parent than it is to battle an opposing partner. I have the luxury of calling the shots and not being undermined like so many traditional two parent households…..but then there is the downside of not having the other parent to lean on and that blows. I do want my babies to know that I love them and that if they give me reason to trust them I will give them leeway but if that is abused then all bets are off and then I have to be stern and not on their a$$ but in their a$$. They don’t want me that involved….but if I have to be then I will be….Boy # 2 wants to know if he can go to school early, like around 6:30am…uhhh…NO, not only No, but HELL NO. Oh and wants to stay after school hanging with his friends until around 5ish, again…uhhh…NO, not only No, but HELL NO. That is way too much time around possibly bad influences. I get that some parents would be okay and not think twice about it, but I’ve been a 15-year-old boy before…well not really a boy, but at the time I was a tomboy, so that is close enough. I used to get to school early and stay late…I know that it is easy to get involved in doing stupid stuff…so nope, this mommy is going to keep being an overprotective mommy.

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