Today is a good day to do some decluttering…in my home, my life, my head….

We will start with the home….books, cosmetology supplies, jars, glasses, baskets, sheets, misc. shtuff…to be given away to those in greater need than I….and/or to a fellow recycler willing to do their part in keeping shtuff out of the landfills.

My life…still working on that one…

My head…thoughts that just clog me up…last night was a somewhat restful night….might have just been a combination of the gazillion milligrams of meds I injested…whatever it was I slept for a good solid three hours….that is quite restful for me.

I picked up another book to read….watched a bit of TV, had some wild and crazy thoughts going through my head…then after a while the little voices in my head said shut up, put your book up and get some sleep…so I listened.

Just finishing up my coffee along with a piece of banana nut bread I made the other day….next up is a bit of cleaning followed by a nice and very hot shower to ease the tension and hopefully ease up my back pain…if that fails…well there is always a steady stream of meds to make me forget to think rational and sorta kinda (but not really) ease some pain.

Happy Saturday to you….I’m off to be domestic and dirty….

Para Español oprima # 1

I have been on the phone with one idiot after another in trying to get my medical billing issues squared away. I refuse to pay for something my insurance has already paid but these idiots keep sending me bills. I call and I get transferred from one department to another, then they put me on hold, then they take my number and promise to call me back. It is too early to start medicating, but at this rate I am not going to hesitate starting before noon.

I have been up and awake since 3:00 am, I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep, but I need more sleep…since I am unable to do that I might as well get my paperwork squared away and filed. I had a pile at least 6 inches thick, I’ve seperated everything and I’m dealing with each different stack by calling the offices I need, but incompetence is running straight across the board with everyone. Could it be that it is too close to Friday for them? Maybe I should have called on Tuesday or Wednesday.

getting it done~

My goal is to get everything filed and taken care, I want to make the payments I need to make and be done with that worry over it. I also have an oven waiting for me to put a cake in it.

I have my spreadsheet done for 2010 where I will keep track of all my tax deductions, I am determined to get better organized, no guarantees that I will stay organized but at least make the effort to get it done.


We did it!

Not ghettotastic anymore~
Not ghettotastic anymore~

3 bedrooms √

2 bathrooms√

2 dining rooms√

2 living rooms√

1 kitchen √

laundry room√

bonus room√

CLEAN…baseboard, walls, dusted, mopped, vacuumed, polished, organized cabinets….it is good to smell a clean house…yes…I was living in filth, not ghettotastic, trailer park nasty, but nasty nonetheless. I even got rid of 2 boxes and 2 big bags of books, magazines, odds and ends, sweaters, jackets, jeans, capris, coveralls, caps….and in return I am pleased to know that some men at the homeless shelter will be warm and are very happy with their new stuff and they will be giving me some pecans! Yay….I have 4 pecan trees and this is at least the second year in a row where they are not producing…so I am thrilled that I get some pecans. Some stuff will be going to the women’s shelter and the rest goes to my friend Ms. K.

Too bad about the pecans, I was hoping that we could have sold some, but it is not to be, at least I will have enough to do some baking for the holidays….I need to find my fudge recipe, I also need to make a list of other items I will be needing for baking season…I am getting a late start in with that….but being that I have not adjusted to my state of cripplehood I haven’t got there yet.

I got into the cleaning right along with the boys, for a while there I felt normal, but as I was on the floor cleaning baseboards I needed help getting up…I could scoot along until it was time to get up and get fresh water or take a break, then it was a hollering for boy # 2 to come and help me get up, poor kid, he is tall and skinny and I’m practically dead weight…but he did manage to get my big ass off the floor…I think he didn’t mind, as long as I was down there doing the dirty work and not leaving it all to them.


I guess I better go do round 3 or 4 of nagging to make sure they are tending to their laundry….and I still need me a glass of wine….it’s been a good day…despite the pain…I’m just happy to have a clean house….

Sunday random ramblings

Thirteen years ago I welcomed my last bundle of joy, Andrew was the last one, the official baby of the family. I would have wanted one more, it just wasn’t meant to be.

My sweet Tater Pie
My sweet Tater Pie

His day started out with breakfast prepared by himself, he made himself a  serving of hot cereal, then older brother Bert prepared another breakfast whick included scrambled eggs and biscuits. After that they all loaded up in my truck and took off to do the grocery shopping for the week.

We didn’t do anything special, older brother cooked, my daughter from another mother and my “I wish” grandson came over and joined us. Andrew got his requested pumpkin pie, it just wasn’t homemade as they didn’t get me everything I needed early enough…I was also too drained to have made it, I could have coached Derrick and had his help, but even that seemed to tiring. I will make it up to them and bake a couple of them for Thanksgiving…if I’m not further crippled up.

This week I plan on going through all my junk drawers and sorting through tons of stuff, I seem to have all types of whatnots in the strangest of places and need to better organize…one drawer at a time….oh and I got most of my coins wrapped and will try to make a deposit, that’ll help with bills…it was a good $52.00 in change…I’m sure if I clean my purses, and scrounge around here and there I can get some more wrapped and ready to deposit. I have a fancy coin sorting machine, (battery operated) that has change in there, I need to get that one emptied out. I have some items to freecycle and will try to sell a few other things.

Stupidity prevailed earlier in the dayI wanted to do my own cleaning, so I ran the vacuum…big mistake, I didn’t lift the damn thing, I didn’t even plug it in myself, yet somehow that simple task hurt me like a mother effer…..I miss the routine of cleaning, engaging the boys to help me to do it….I don’t like having to get on them to help me do it when I can’t even get in on any of it myself..

I have also gone through old photos, I’ve been finding them here and there and just sticking them in a photo album, I have the albums, might as well use them, I have also tossed a bunch of old photos, I may regret it later, but there won’t be any way to undo it…so I’ll get over it.

Bert and I watched Slumdog Millionaire it took me a while to follow it, and had to stop and rewind a few times because I couldn’t understand what was being said, I normally don’t like captions, but they would have been helpful throughout instead of just in the beginning…I still enjoyed it. Well that’s pretty much it, there was more but I feel detached and get the feeling that as I’m writing this it comes through…so I’ll quit..

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