I am hating the phone…

I’ve been calling and leaving messages trying to schedule my damn appointment….I really would prefer to not have to do it, but I need to find some relief for the pain….that relief will come in the form of surgery…at least that is the promise being made to me….but there is an order to how all this works….it is designed to remove money from my almost empty pockets and line the full and soon to get fuller pockets of Dr’s, radiologists, specialist,s hospitals, labs, etc….I really want to get the ball rolling, I want this done ASAP, this month would be fine with me, even early next month….

I’ve been trying to pass the time, I have a few things listed for sale online…I fixed a late breakfast, I was going to make cookies…but I can’t get to some of the things I need so I will make a list for the boys and have them set me up everything I need.

I have also killed more brain cells subjecting myself to crap on TV….well I am off to see what I can do until someone either calls me or I can take a nap….

D.A.R. 10.16.09 Midday update

My life is G
My life is G

Watched a few minutes of the Bonnie Hunt Show…Gerard Butler will be nekkid in his next movie, FYI to any fans….blah, blah, blah…watched a few minutes of The View….same blah, blah, blah…actually not sure what they were yacking about….

I had earlier DVR’ed Fred Claus, started watching it yesterday, finished watching it this morning. I like Vince Vaughn, I can see the appeal…while watching this I was also cutting my hair again….I did a bang up job….by that I mean I cut bangs, WTF was I thinking? I don’t do bangs….of course I look like I took 5 years off of me, but I want them back. I don’t want to look younger…sheesh, now I look really adorable with a damn mini clip holding my bangs up and out of my face…..so then I proceeded to waste good makeup, I put my face on…for no other reason than I needed to kill time. I have been up since 4 something or other and Ineed to sleep, I am tired, being tired leads me to do and say stupid things.

I watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta, they is a bunch of ghetto hot mess momma’s, very entertaining.

I also watched the Young & the Restless, everyday I am a day closer to calling this even hotter mess quits. I am probably clocking 10-15 minutes of actual watching.

Being that I had my face and hair done and to not have it be a complete waste of effort I stepped outside (in my PJ’s, I didn’t go all out and get dressed) I hobbled my cripple ass to the mailbox, took a minute to breathe in some fresh air and then hobbled my cripple ass back to my vegetable patch (the couch).

In the mail was my 401K statement, finally the numbers are up, a gain of $2000…well I of course am taking my money out and running….I will probably roll it over into an IRA or something….maybe I should just take the cash and move….

Oh and my newest copy of Family Circle was also in the mail, with a recipe for New York Style cheesecake…I need 5 packages of cream cheese.

Exciting stuff….and now I am off to bed, where I hope a nap will happen.

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