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In a nutshell…every damn thing. I’m tired, really, really tired,but my body is fighting it. My eyelids are fucking heavy….so why the fuck can’t I just go to bed and sleep….ughh. it is effing frustrating….sorry about the F bomb up there…I’m just effing frustrated, and tired….and you know I just had a thought….or rather a realization….I have not been able to sneeze in almost two months. I feel the sneeze building up, but just as it begins to build my body braces itself and then I supress it. I know that is not very smart, I’ve heard it can kill you…but I feel if I do sneeze that’ll kill me too. You see I don’t sneeze like a girl….I sneeze like a small bomb going off….and it hurts normally, right now it hurts just as it builds up…I can’t release it….I took a pill a bit ago…I think I’ll pop another one…then I will be here or in bed with my mini….either writing, or reading….and hoping against hope I can sleep. I did get the boys in bed early…or rather I told them they needed to call it a night at midnight. I’ll go and check on them in a few…school starts next week and they need to get their bodies adjusted to day and night…

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