Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series continues with Faithless, once again revisiting Sara Linton the Part Time Medical Examiner and pediatrician, her ex husband Police Chief Jeffery Tolliver and Detective Lena Adams. Slaughter deftly weaves the characters backgrounds into her narrative of the current crime. In this installment Sara and Jeffery stumble upon a grave of a young woman who was buried alive.

Domestic abuse is one of the topics that Slaughter explores here…with the continued abuse of Adams and a subplot involving a possible witness. Other  issues such as abortion, fundamentalist Christianity and Bible thumpers with unholy dealings and traditionalism dip and swirl throughout the novel. Her treatment of these issues, and others, is extremely evenhanded, with all points of view presented equally and with the author not taking any particular side, either implicitly or explicitly. As a result, the exploration of these issues adds to, rather than detracts from, the plotline. Slaughter’s primary focus is on the characters, all of whom are very much human and flawed in their own way.

550 pages ~2 day read


Medical examiner Sara Linton and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver make their fourth appearance in this riveting new back-and-forth thriller that grounds a brutal attack by two young men on the Grant County, Georgia police department in a twelve-year-old Alabama murder case that occurred while Sara and Jeffrey were just beginning their tumultuous romance. En route to a beach vacation shortly after they meet, the couple takes a detour to the small town where Jeffrey grew up and began his law enforcement career. But their carefree holiday is interrupted when his best friend from childhood, a fellow cop, is charged with murder after killing a man who broke into his house. Despite his subsequent confession, Jeffrey believes there’s more to the story than Robert is telling him, and when the skeleton of a young woman with whom both Robert and Tolliver were once involved is discovered in a secret cave only they knew about, and Robert admits to her murder too, Tolliver must again confront a past he thought he had long since put behind him. Detective Lena Adams is also back and plays a major part in the hostage situation, finally being able to show she is worthy of the many chances given her by Tolliver.

The book keeps going back and forth between Sara and Jeffrey’s current situation as hostages and their beginnings as lovers. It’s Jeffrey’s past that is the root of the current situation they find themselves in. A great read, just took me longer to get through. Enjoy!

A Faint Cold Fear~ Karin Slaughter

This is the third installment from Karin Slaughter’s series about a small town pediatric doctor and part-time medical examiner. There is enough blood, guts and gore to satisfy me, I love the imagery her words evoke when she describes the death scenes…yeah I’m sick and twisted that way.

I missed Blindsighted so I may have to backtrack and read that…which means I may have to go to the library and look for that book.

Called in to investigate the apparent suicide of a male Grant Tech student, Sara brings along her pregnant sister, Tessa, who wanders away from the scene and is brutally attacked. The distraught Sara must work side by side with her ex-husband, Det. Jeffrey Tolliver, whom she loves despite his past infidelity, but it’s Lena Adams, formerly a cop and now a campus security guard, whose story the novel follows most closely. I found myself  intrigued with her character despite missing her back story. (Must read Blindsighted.) Still mourning the murder of her sister and recovering from her own torture and rape by the same man, Lena is looked on with suspicion by her ex-boss, Jeffrey. With reason: she’s hiding a few key facts. The dead boy’s mother is her therapist and Lena is involved with an abusive young man with a shady past. Campus gossip Richard Carter further confuses investigators; meanwhile, police discover the bodies of two more students, their deaths potentially suicides but more likely murder. Slaughter provides grisly variations on the themes of sibling rivalry, sexual abuse and campus politics in a story not for the faint of heart. Readers who can stomach gruesome details and like fitting together multiple stories of physical and psychological abuse will savor the way Slaughter can evoke sympathy for perverse, even criminal, behavior by tracing its origins, and those who make it through the complexities and the gore will be rewarded with a satisfyingly chilling ending.

I’m already on the next book in this series, Indelible, which began with a frenetic page turning hard to put down start.

Happy reading 😉

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