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I stayed up late last night and finished one book and started another, but by the second chapter I was ready to call it a night. I managed to get some decent sleep but as luck or mental defect would have it I was up early, I wish I could have stayed in bed longer but alas my body won’t allow it.

I stepped out yesterday, I had the intention of killing two birds with one stone but I soon realized I could only throw my rock hard enough to get one done but definitely not both. I got my taxes done but didn’t quite have the energy to go and have lunch. I came back and took a short nap before the boys got home. I thought I would make up for the lack of lunch by inviting them out for dinner and all 3 of them turned me down. They preferred leftovers over eating out…yes I have strange children.

So anyhoo on the tax front I will be getting enough back to pay my medical bills and there should be enough left over for me to take a decent little vacation. I am going to work on an Excel spreadsheet to track all deductions for this year. I will be better prepared and will for sure take any and every deduction I possibly can. It has taken me this long to realize that I could have been doing this all along….

I’m thinking cake is going to be on the menu for today…along with meat and potatoes and possibly biscuits…all I had yesterday was one tuna sandwich, so today calls for a small buffet…I should be able to double up on my intake and not suffer too much for it.

I will also try to work on part III of my Ex Files series….so many thoughts there and I stop to think about fleshing the stories out but my mind and fingers prefer to do it their own way.

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