I need change, sure quarters for my water jug refills, four quarters = 5 gallons, but no I’m not talking about the kind of change that jingles in my bottomless purse. Well actually these days there isn’t any change to be found anywhere, yes I even looked under the sofa cushions. I’m talking CHANGE, you know the kind that makes you into someone else…well not that that kind of change is gonna pop out of me.

I’ve had people in my life who want me to change something. Change my job, change my friends, change my attitude. The only thing I ever change with any regularity is my mind, and socks…used to be I’d change my hair color on a whim and my wheels.

Change takes exactly that, change. Everything seems to have a price. Well let me back track there…some of the best things in life are free. Like unconditional love. I know that, hearing from old friends who call out of the blue is a perfectly free reminder. Also a reminder that I suck at calling friends to let them know what they mean to me. I need to do better.

It is about 3AM and I have a house full of boys, my three and extra boy. Everyone is up, me I’m trying to read and write myself into oblivion but it doesn’t appear that I will have any success in that. I’ve been reading lots of random stuff online, I also have a book I pick up and page through, haven’t gotten fully engaged in it yet. I’m also hungry. I baked chicken earlier, lots of chicken, I had a couple of pieces with a side of veggies and a side of mac and cheese. I also had a bowl of cherries and some oranges.

Maybe I should start a load of laundry. Or take a cold shower. I’d say a movie but I’m TV’d out. Besides the boys are watching some random movies that I just don’t think I can dumb myself down enough to enjoy with them. I suffered through Lockdown, horrid plot, and the dialogue was ludicrous.

Got the boys out for pics at the park, but first we stopped in to check out our new library, it is quite impressive with 3 levels and an elevator. We didn’t go to the lower level and we weren’t in there long. But me thinks me will perhaps go and spend some quiet time out there in the near future. We drove around a bit scouting a location for some family photos and settled on a nearby park, it was completely redone and a nice improvement from when the boys were babies. I used to take them there and play with them, I miss that freedom and curse my old decrepit body.

Of course I am calling for a do-over on the pics, two boys didn’t want to smile, one boy had a stain on his shirt, one boy had his eyes closed and I didn’t like my hair. So we will try again.

Ruby….A mystery that will never be solved~

So it’s Friday night, I am in great company, for now, it’s just me….and the boys, except they are not in here with me. Boy # 2 is on the computer, boy # 3 is watching TV and will have to call it an early night. He has an early morning coming up as he has to go out of town for a meet. I would love to go but it’s a bit over an hour away and too early for me, I’ll either be going to sleep when he is getting up or I’ll still be up. Poor baby is recovering from a bad cold, but I think he’ll be just fine, note to self, remind him to take his inhaler.

Boy # 2 brought his report home today, he had good grades, it’s always good to see that.

Started another book, but I’ve been too exhausted to really get into it. I tried reading but was dozing off.

This evening brought to you by....

I’m now listening to my playlist online and having a couple of cold ones (Miller Lite)….a rather enjoyable evening for me….the company is great. As of late I have been very much pleased with how well I have been getting along with myself.


In the minds eye…..but what about clarity in the heart? Some concepts can be so elusive. I’m just about done reading book 3….then what…sheesh I’ll have to go off in search of a new book to read….I should try to get myself to the library….but not sure when I’ll be able to make it happen…I have a Nora Roberts book I tried to read early on when I got back from the hospital and just couldn’t get into it, not sure if it had anything to do with the drugs or maybe a fear that it could have to much romance for me. I had a “friend” offer me a bag full of true crime…she hasn’t delivered….she probably won’t come through…maybe a new plea on freecycle…yeppers I think I’ll try that…besides I have plenty of books to offer  up in exchange….

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