The Padded Room Unlocked ~ a review

Ruby Cantu

So yesterday was a six pill day….not good. I had been doing better at lowering my intake of narcotics but yesterday was a pain filled day. The pain did not prevent me from doing what I needed to do…on my agenda was the debut of our Blog Talk Radio show. Our would be myself and my fabulous, beautiful and talented friend Tracy Radford .

Tracy Radford

We had our introduction Monday on  She Speaks to Inspire and secured our very first guest, candle maker extraordinaire Lucinda Wormsbaker, owner and founder of  The Light Fandango Candle Company.

The Light Fandango Candle Company

Right before we were to go live we received notification that our guest would be running a bit late…that sort of frazzled us…and that is an understatement. We were already nervous but we were talking each other through our nerves. I had prepared my opening script but that went out with the news that our guest would be a bit late…LOL. I knew that scripting would not work for me, I had prepared a script for our intro show and that also was a disaster. We somehow managed to get through the show without coming across as complete morons, which had been my fear…listening to the archived show we were able to critique ourselves and what we need to work on to improve the quality of our work. I am my worst critic and when I ask for feedback I don’t want anyone to sugar coat it. That doesn’t help us if someone is trying to spare our feelings, we are big girls and we know to set our feelings aside.

So here is what I need to work on ~ I need to be a bit more assertive and louder, I need to work on the shyness. I know that once we become more comfortable with the whole process we will do better. We were both in the chat room so we were able to see that we had a few listeners and after a while we will be able to participate more with our listeners. 

The Padded Room Unlocked and Unplugged

So please take a listen to our show The Padded Room~Unlocked and Unplugged and become a member of  The Real Life Radio Network if you sign up for Blog Talk Radio you can participate in the chat when you listen live to our shows. There are also other shows with relevant information on a variety of subjects with many talented individuals who are pleased to participate on the mentoring program that was inititated by Laurie Zieber  the creating genius behind RLRN.

Laurie Zieber

An update of sorts….

I came to hell AKA Austin, Texas on Wednesday, I did my pre admission and lab work then had to come back to the hospital and give them some of my blood. Then went out for dinner, then back to the hotel.

Ms. Laurie

Thursday was a long day of waiting around then on to my next Dr. visit…after that met up with the Fabulous Laurie Zieber  She Speaks to Inspire fame.

Ruby Cantu & Laurie Zieber

We enjoyed a little visit then went off to get some sleep…not very much sleep on either count.

Friday (EARLY) morning we heard our wake up call, which neither one of us wanted to listen to….but slowly we made it, took a few wrong turns, but got there in good time, didn’t have to wait to long, got escorted real quick.

I got into my surgical attire and then proceeded to get screwed. Not sure how many screws were used this time….

I woke up and felt pain relief on my back, but my belly is still swollen and tender.

And I just got out of bed, I didn’t take any steps, but it felt good to move.

I had many friends and family doing their prayerfull thing and I truly apprecitate every single person who has extended their heartfelt wishes for/to me.


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