Time to refocus….

…and disengage….and re-engage in other areas…today was somewhat productive, got laundry done (some, not all, as laundry is one of those damn pesky never-ending, never done, has to get done pesky chores…) and done is not quite accurate as putting stuff away is part of the done process….so half assed done…hey it’s better than nothing….went grocery shopping, forgot milk, damn it.

Read for a while, watched TV for a bit, hung out with the kidlets, left them alone then they came to my room to hang out some more. Gotta love ’em, just wish my oldest was close by.

Sat down with my bucket of ice cream, box of cones and pigged out….but I balanced it out with yard work and a salad.

My back is not happy with me, but it’s not like I can afford a landscaping crew….and nobody around here feels any responsibility in maintaining a clean yard….ohoh…here comes the bitchventscreamcrap….

WAH….I am so fucking tired….tired of taking care of EVERY FUCKING THING. Well not done taking care of shit, more like worrying about it…I have some areas needing MAJOR REPAIRS. Like a board that is holding the electrical wires that is somewhat detached from the house, it is barely hanging on….I’d hate to see it give….I’ve paid for a half assed repair, that didn’t last…yeah kinda got screwed on that one….I need to focus on getting the funds together for that….so major cutting back on…hmmm…not sure what….yeah no more indulging in ice cream….or going out, so yeah, work and home and that is it.

Well I’m off to focus on other schtuff….

I feel better now that I got to whine a bit….thank you internets, I wuv ewe….

Note to self~ nix the oversharing~

So anywho I am slowly recovering from the road tripping…and I’ve decided I am fully recovered from the slight bit of family drama. Today I finished putting away the stuff I had unpacked, got some laundry (one load) done…will do the rest later this week or weekend…or even next week.

Colorful Colorado, I think not~

I’m having some weird episodes of stiffness, the slightest leaning forward I do leaves me feeling like I need someone to turn the crank on me and straighten me up. Not a good feeling.

Got all the road trip pics on my desktop and need to go thru them to see if there are any I want to get printed. I probably should go through ALL of my pics and do that. We don’t know what the next bit of technology will bring us, currently most of my pics are on discs, flash drives or on my pc. But that is a huge undertaking I am not up for at this time. What I may do though is move my scanner to a different place where it might be easier to access and then I may try to scan some older pics….we shall see…sounds good in theory but in application…hmm….don’t know.

This day has really gone by quick….well seems like it anyway, could be I was awake most of last night and stayed in bed later.

I’ve got some steaks out, may throw them on the grill and make a small side dish to go with that.

Well I’m off to fold laundry, maybe put it away…get me a tall glass of ice tea and sit outside for a bit and read for a while.

Three fifteen~

Mexican Coozie~

…as in the date….so anywho I have been back and forth to the laundry room with little piles of dirties to throw in the washer. I’ve sorted 3 large piles and will be tending to laundry all day….it is what happens when I don’t keep up with laundry. Boy # 1 is up and out, Boy # 2 was up but I think he may have gone back to bed and haven’t seen or heard Boy #3 yet. I’ve had my coffee and a shower and I’m getting wiped out and about to go and take a break in front of the telly.

I have another project I want to undertake and that is to go and take everything out of my drawers and refold everything and get things reorganized. Some drawers are overflowing while others are almost empty, so I need to move the sweaters and long sleeve shirts to the bottom drawers and move my tank tops, short sleeve shirts and shorts up. Fun, fun. I will have to enlist the boys’ help for this as I cannot reach the bottom drawers….I’ll bribe them with some $$.

We have thundershowers in the forecast and currently sitting at 48° with a high of  57° expected, this from the temps being in the 80’s yesterday…gotta love these crazy fluctuations.

Last night was a rather sleepless night…I found myself too exhausted to sleep and too exhausted for much of anything else. I did manage to finish reading the book I had been reading for the last couple of days. I was about to start another until I realized that I am missing one in the series so I will have to wait until I read the other one. I will have to make a selection from another genre.

I’ll also work on my series of shorts for the EX Files but I’ll do that later, digging into that darkness wears on me. Later my peeps.

Friday doings~

I selected two books from my new pile of books, this afternoon I began a true crime by Ann Rule, then by my bedside I have a memoir by Terri Cheney…..it’s about time I got back to reading, I’m looking forward to the escape.

I cancelled Monday’s doctor appointment, I’m not up for the trip, rather my body is not willing to get in a vehicle anytime soon…not sure when I will go…I don’t want to go anytime soon.

Boy # 1 (my favorite~shhh) cooked this evening…that was nice, I was hungry but didn’t feel up to cooking.

Started laundry yesterday, have stuff needing to be put away, stuff needing to go in the dryer, stuff needing out of the dryer….I’ll try to get to it tomorrow.

Have not felt very social lately, I don’t have much to say, I hate the questions of how I’m doing….I’m glad friends/family still care, I’m just angry…not at anyone…just at the situation…so it’s best I don’t socialize…I’m checking out…

cya on the other side

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