Just one of them days~ part 2

I’ve had intentions today, but haven’t found the motivation to follow through. My head hurts, my heart hurts, my back hurts, my gut hurts…but fuck it…all that hurt is a simple reward for being alive. I even smiled as I put a positive spin on that bit of nonsense.

Boy # 3 came in 42 out of 44, and he was pleased with that…he was just glad he wasn’t the last one. Not sure if him getting over a cold and using his inhaler as of late had anything to do with his results. I’m glad he had fun at the meet, and who knows maybe at the next one he will place higher.

I’ve been reading on and off today, can’t seem to stay focused on my book. I’m also listening to some of my favorite tracks on my playlist. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and shoe shopping day….for the boys, not for me. ┬áMaybe I can hit two birds with one stone.

Once again the overwhelming desire to bolt is present. Where to go?

That thing about making plans….

better off keeping it quiet

That thing about making plans…well that just doesn’t seem to work for me…most of the time all it does is make a liar out of me. I do better just going about my business and then bam…if I want to do it…I just do it…if it was nesting in the back of my head that’s cool too…but when I mention doing stuff to others and I don’t follow thru I feel like I’ve let someone down. I think I do better being a woman of mystery.

So anyhoo the things I was going to do today…not done. Did I lie to anyone? Not really, did I lie to myself? Not really…I just haven’t gotten around to doing what I said I would. The intention is there…I just lack the energy to follow thru. So I’m going to work on keeping my intentions to myself….that way I don’t disappoint myself or the occasional person that may give a crap.

I took a ginormous horse pill and a pain pill….now I’m off to bed, not necessarily to sleep but to lay my carcass down. I would love to be put out of my misery but that would require effort and I just don’t have the energy for any type of effort…so until laters…the bed, the pillows and the covers are calling me.

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