Rainless and random~

Nowadays when we want to get the latest on local news we turn to FB, (that would be Facebook) if there’s been breaking news, or a break up, or even a make-up and no not the makeup we put on our faces, but the relationship kind….if it rains, what the current temperature is, you name it and more than likely someone has posted about it. I’m hardly surprised at what people post, someone (a long time ago) left the bag of idiots open and quite a few got out, some have been recaptured and tamed, but there are still quite a few roaming free and reproducing. I happen to be related to some that should have never reproduced, yes it’s mean to say it, but I think those idiots are meaner than I could ever be. Those same idiots have had no shame posting their disdain for their offspring and not in a joking manner, I’ve seen some (which shall remain nameless to protect their offspring) who have posted publicly how they hate their children and wished them to have never been born. Yes quite dramatic but sadly true.  Said idiots have been banned from my social (networking) life. And because I too have called my own children idiots I feel I need to clarify, mind you that I do clarify for my own children as well, they are not idiots, they simply do idiotic things, and before someone thinks me a hypocrite, I am to blame for some of the idiotic behavior of my children, I am their mother and father so all blame is automatically shifted to me. That’s just how the cookie crumbles in my house.

Sorry I got distracted with the FB tangent….I was on the subject of rain, or rather the lack of it, for over an hour I enjoyed the light show (lightning) and the thunder and even the teasing smell of rain, but alas not a single drop from the sky fell around me….and yes FB and the peeps and peepettes there were posting about the rain they got, they are but a few miles away….so what gives mother nature? Well not that i expect her to reply to my question….I know the answer, it just is not meant to be, at least not today.

Boy number two has been asking just about everyday if I’m going anywhere…but now I know who will be ready to go with me to the grocery store early Sunday morning. I promised him he could drive there and back. Now that could be an idiotic move on my part, but hopefully we survive it, if not well there will be one less idiot on the road, (or two).


Book down~


I'm not quite this sexy when I read~

I just finished another book and about to start another one…I also took a minute to put out a request for more books off of freecycle. I have sort of lost my passion for the internets…well not entirely….but where I used to be connected 24/7 before…that is no longer the case. I still do my morning routine or rituals…have my coffee in front of my computer screen as I catch up on emails, pay bills, check my bank accounts, order household supplies, catch up on blogs, news or whatnot. What I no longer do is visit the social sites like I used to…something about being followed around caused me to withdraw from them. I still stop in to myspace every so often…like maybe once a week or sometimes once a month…I check to see if family or friends have left anything news worthy…then I move on to FB and do the same….somehow I ended up acquiring a ridiculously large number of friends…and quite frankly I am not a good friend…I don’t make the time to stop in and say hello to everyone….I know I should probably just go in and weed out the accidental friends…..but that requires energy….maybe later….so after all that is said and done my puter gets shut off and normally stays off until evening/night time. Funny thing is I am not missing my online time much…I am enjoying my quiet reading time.

Got a call from my doctors office…not good news…but that is not to be expected when they call….

I also took the time to go through the mountain of bills and EOB’s and did the math, gathered receipts and such…so I will try to get to the tax office to get my taxes done soon. Note to self, gather vehicle tax renewal receipts….

Tomorrow is furniture moving day part II….but this time I will be directing and not actually doing the moving…yes…painful lesson learned…I am an idiot…there I saved you the pleasure of calling me that…but if you must knock yourself out…you won’t hurt my feelings….I have decided I don’t like having feelings…so I am stuffing emotions away.

I have yet to download my snow pictures….I need to do that as I also have pictures of Lefty when he was here for his last visit. I will probably post some of the pictures here, but not on FB…I was amused at everyone else’s snow pictures…admittedly the stuff is pretty to look at…but that is about it.

I had one beer today. My days consist of my new motto…it’s 5 o’clock always at Casa de Ruby….

An idiots explanation of color choice

Mother nature saw fit to give me beautiful brown almond shaped eyes…I think they are almond…and I think they are beautiful…my thinking may be skewed, but anyhoo…that’s what I think….

The shape of my beautiful eyes
The shape of my beautiful eyes

I am blind, not legally blind, not seeing- eye- dog -white -cane- blind- but- you- look- beautiful- blind.

Thankfully I am not there yet
Thankfully I am not there yet

So every year I go and get my eyes gouged…I mean checked…my wallet gets gouged…and every year I’m a wee bit blinder…distance vision is my problem, if you are in my face I see you just fine, but if you want me to see how beautiful you are just stand back….it works for me…I stand in front of a mirror, mind you…not too close…and I say to myself….self…you look awesome….

I am awesome!
I am awesome!

So anyway…every year I have a choice to make, being that I also have astigmatism my choices are small, 4 color choices is all I have, blue, grey, green and brown…and of course clear.

I'll show you fresh
I'll show you fresh

I have been criticized for trying to pull off the Mexican with blue eyes thing before…duh…like Mexicans can’t have blue eyes, both of my grandfathers had blue eyes. I have cousins with green eyes, blue eyes, grey, hazel…but not clear….anyway, this year I was going to go with brown….but when I tried the samples I decided I’d go for the pop of grey….whatever I’m paying for them so I get to pick whatever….but here’s the funny thing….I don’t do color because I’m trying to pull off any specific look….this is what happens, and it can only happen to someone as brilliant as myself….when I am wearing clear contacts and I’m either doped up, drunk, asleep, or half awake I can’t tell if I have contacts on….so I end up either putting on a second set of contacts over the ones already on my eyeballs or scratching my corneas off trying to pull out my clear contact lenses….

So there you have it….I’m just trying to keep my eyeballs scratch free.

Save the eyeballs, stay pretty and blind free
Save the eyeballs, stay pretty and blind free

Oh and look beautiful with my blue, green, grey or brown eyes….

Can’t win for losing~

Well, my ass got big overnight, my pants didn’t fit, I got misdirected by GPS, I went to text for an address, but my texts were lost in cyberspace, I sat in miserable pain at the wrong place and when I finally get home I realized I’m an idiot….

“Damn, you can’t win for losing.”

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