Yes…I’d like you to Hit that….

…and by that I mean the DONATE button → (on the right) yes that yellow one….I am shamelessly appealing to YOU, by YOU I mean You who are reading this. My youngest son is currently in boot camp and will be graduating next month. This year has been a complete bitch financially….numerous repairs to my vehicle, central air unit, the major plumbing repairs,  the countless tires I’ve either had to repair or replace due to vandalism…it has all taken a huge hit on me…it hurts…anywho…I can’t imagine missing this major milestone, my son graduating from the Navy’s boot camp…my heart swells with pride…I’ve singlehandedly raised three amazing young men, I’d love to be able to take his brothers with me but their finances are worse than mine. So back to the appeal part of this here blog….anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated, if you can share this on your page I’ll be grateful for that as well. No amount is to great or too small….I will be donating plasma, selling stuff, and cutting back every where else I can possibly cut costs…I will get there! So if you find it in you to donate or simply share this it will be much appreciated…I hate asking for help, but this is me putting pride aside. Much love to you…and thanks for reading, sharing and caring. ♥


Know what I need?

I need you....
I need you....

I find myself in need ~ I hate being in need…here’s what I need~~ I need an air filter for my truck…and those damn cabinet doors that I PAID to get fixed but weren’t….that one there still  irks me….I also need some tree limbs cut, as much as I’d like to not give a shit about my neighbor I feel bad that his car gets that sticky stuff falling on his car and I know it comes from my trees, it also falls on my sons car and he is now parking in back. It would be great if I could afford a carport for the front, then I could also park in front where it would be easier for me. I also need hand rails….LOL…need, need, need…maybe these are more wants than needs…might as well throw this one in there, I need a bucket of butter pecan ice cream…from HEB please…Creamy Creations no less….I also need to lose my appetite again, I was doing very well there and had lost some weight, but my appetite is back and I’m eating and gaining…talking about needs is never good…at least it isn’t for me….


The name of the book that landed me on the floor, I forget from time to time that I have limitations….I went looking for a book, on the bottom shelf of my book case. I got on my knees, then got comfortable, on my butt, on the floor…then I found a book I’m hoping I can get into.So I was going to get up, except I couldn’t….so I start yelling for help….no help arrives….lean over far enough to knock on the wall, this gets Lefty’s attention, he barks up a storm wakes the boys up and the D comes out to see what Lefty is barking at. Just idiot mom on the floor with no way to get up on her own. D helps me up, and now I’m here sharing my lapse in judgement…I better like this damn book….

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