Blood gives way to fluff~

So as I read about death, dismemberment, blood and all that good stuff and let my head be filled with all things murderous I decided to give myself a break and read some light fluff.

I found this fluff in “The Notebook”, and I say fluff because this is a love story, and I don’t do love stories very well, frivolous fairy tales of escapism reminding me of the earliest readings of Harlequin romances….yuck, yuck, puke, puke. To give the author credit, there was a serious deviation from the familiarly outlined plots found in the garbage strewn pages of a Harlequin novel. I am thankful for this, and with great shame I must admit that I enjoyed the damn book and I even spilt tears a couple of times, and if anyone dares to mock me over this, well fuck you….that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

I did enjoy the book over the movie and I’m glad that I didn’t read the book first, that would have ruined the movie for me as there were several inconsistencies, as there usually are when a book is turned into a movie.

yuck, yuck, puke, puke

So what is it about fluff…fluff is nothing more than lint trapped in a belly button…or a dryer….or on your favorite black garment….so anyhoo…I’m thankfully done with the fluff and I can now return myself to meatier reading.

I give the book two thumbs up…even though reading this kind of stuff takes me longer….

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