Whims being what they are….

The idea gave way to sudden capriciousness…whims work that way, I just fancied shorter hair…I’m getting there, an inch here, 2 inches there…serves a twofold purpose…I’m needing to feel lighter, and it seems cutting my hair is the only way I can feel lightness. I did manage to drop one pound, but I fear I will pick it up tomorrow…and change is good. Long hair can get very tired….always pulling it up, tying it, clipping it, having it fall, getting a headache, the tangles, the strands falling out….but the silver strands have multiplied exponentially and I like!

I don’t want to be one of those slaves to the bottle, a visible line of demarcation when new growth appears and no time or money to touch it up…nope, gonna just suck it up and age on as graceful as possible. Things are falling, sagging, wagging and lagging…..but I heard a sexy song in spanish where he was singing of the gracefulness and lovliness of the saggy boobies of his object of affection….so yeah there is hope for us old hags…not that I’m hoping for anything….just throwing it out there.

Well gots prep work to do for tomorrow. the Tia is coming over and cooking, got to clean here and there, or rearrange crap. Pot of beans is ready, just have to turn it on in the morning before I head off to work. The eats will be delish…hence the picking up the pound of flesh I lost…sigh…fatness sucks….but food is good. Fat girl sings the blues…

I thought I was calling it a night….

The start of this doesn’t make much sense….as I had a working title and decided against it….so it’s whatever…it makes sense to me….

Shoulda started with immaturity, cause I’m fixing to do something that is downright immature…thinking of even going all out and doing some Evites and creating an event out of it But there is a slight hiccup with that plan, I don’t yet have a venue available. I cannot do it at Casa de Ruby as it is not solely Casa de Ruby and I don’t need drama to come out of it…as it will already be slightly dramatic. So for now I’m holding on to my Save the Dates until I can either secure a location or some other brilliant idea pops into my head.  Not that this is a brilliant idea…it is more of a cathartic release, one involving the dissolution of tangible memories. So it’s like a bonfire without the bon…cause I’m not even sure what the heck a bon is and I don’t feel like looking it up….but it will involve fire, a slow controlled burn….as I’m sure the county will probably be all balls to the wall with their stinking burn ban…..I just want a cozy little fire where I can sit there with a cool night-time breeze, music playing, water hose at the ready and me feeding the flames with combustible materials. I want to sear those memories as I would sear a steak, hear a sizzle, a pop and a goodbye.  It is way past time to bury some of those memories, I’ve hung on to the tangible memories long enough…I want to lay rest to a regrettable time in my life and be done with that chapter.  I know it is not a mature way to handle it, but it is a way I choose to slay the beast.

So on to other nonsense….or shtuff….

Dye causes death…

…of brain cells….lately I’ve seen a proliferation of old haglets running around with some cloaky hair….yikes, grandma just let it go….there comes a time when no matter how dark you color your hair it will not detract from how old you look, I have nothing against hair color, I am a retired hairstylist and I also retired the dye. There are days where the urge to color my hair hits me….I LOVE color, but after a certain age it is time to switch it up….go lighter, add low lites, add highlights…..but don’t bathe those whites with black….skin tones change with age…..my kids rag me about my white hair, they think I should cover it….I don’t care to do that. I love the white hair, I’m not crazy about the texture but age also changes the texture of hair, my hair used to curl up in ringlets, waves or curls, now most days it is frizz….and all I do with it is take a small clip and get it out of my face. I just don’t have the vanity left in me to give a fuck….which I find amusing as I have been accused of being vain by a someone that maintains standing appointments with a hairstylist for color and cuts….yeah…who is vain here? HAHA….as a side note, all of the above vitriol is MHO and if anyone feels like it could be the right sized shoe/fit for them…well wear it and shut up about it.

If you happen to be my age or older…(proud to say I belong to the over the hill crowd) with that I’m sure you are familiar with being stabbed in the back…anywho…

Things are falling into place….I started a second job a while back, so I’m now juggling two jobs as well as being a single parent and trying to carve time out for myself to regroup in between. My back is not entirely simpatico with the situation but life being what it is (not free) well I do what I have to do to provide for me and mine (even though I’ve been accused of being a “user”…as if!!!)

So anyway I wanted to extend a helping hand to someone I knew needed it. I already had knowledge that this person had gone behind my back numerous times to basically bad mouth me, stab me in the back, throw me under the bus…whatever you want to call it….I can be quite forgiving (even when I’m accused of being rigidly unforgiving) I went to bat for this person. All for naught. I gave this person ample opportunity to prove others wrong….but I guess the others were right. This person didn’t deserve my kindness and generosity. At least not at this time. Which is cool…I will not treat this person any different. I still greet them as cheerfully as before, I still take the time to compliment them and inquire about their health, their day or life. I may be rebuffed and that’s fine too. See. I’ve been in this persons place before so I understand some of the mindset. But at the same time I will not extend myself as I have done previously. Not when I go to bat for someone and they don’t have the common courtesy to share that perhaps they are not interested or that they have changed their mind. In this persons place is someone that truly is appreciative of my efforts to help. And that is where things are falling into place. Yes things happen for a reason….whatever led this other person to rebuff this opportunity only opened up the doors to someone else that turned out to be a better fit. I say it is a win, win!

So while I will continue to extend kindness to this person I have learned a lesson…yes, I will continue to kill with kindness but the “Ruby” circle is no longer open for this person…..

And the tit for tat crap rears its ugly head once again. I’m too old for that….**sigh….I keep trying, but when is enough, enough?

Saturday part 2

Ruby's getting dressed award
Ruby's getting dressed award

I sometimes shock myself…like today…I started with my hair, which I cut last night, but then my arms gave out so I stopped mid way…lol…maybe I’ll finish my haircut this evening…or tomorrow..or sometime…anywho…I fixed my ahir, put my face on….and I put clothes on….yep, last time I had clothes on was last Sunday….I’ve been in pjs since then…I know pretty sad…so anyways I’m going to try not to waste my efforts…maybe I’ll secure a dinner date…

A little off the top~

And a  little off the bottom, I think I took about four inches off the back….head feels lighter, and what did I do afterwards? Put it up so that it doesn’t get snagged on the velcro on my back brace. Makes one wonder why the bother…..oh and in case there is confusion I’m talking hair….maybe when I feel better I’ll go and pay to have someone else whack at it for me.

I was cool…or so I thought

When I was in my early 20’s my girl Suzie and I were as tight as sisters could be. Anyway, she got into some sort of shenanigans every so often that caused her to move every two to three weeks….she loved bad boys, and looked like a bad girl herself or at least had the hairdo, which was peroxide-lightened hair, stiff as straw, violated-by-Aquanet. In short we learned how to concoct a makeshift cocktail from Boone’s Strawberry Hill and mangos or strawberries, and we would sip them while sitting in the back of my truck just checking out the guys who would drive by in their cars, playing their music as loud as they could. That was back in the day when Will Smith’s Summertime was new and fresh. Yeah, that was a long a$$ time ago..


Our style was very fashion forward, (in our minds it was) with our black minis and white shirts, big hair and bright red lips. We were something….pictures would totally date us and cause uncontrollable laughter, so needless to say I ain’t digging around for any photographic evidence of our coolness. Just take my word for it.      


Maybe one day I will unearth those long lost photos and share them with my boys, they can see for themselves how cool I was…(or thought I was), it was the early nineties and the 80’s look was still maintaining a hold on us.  I do recall one such lovely picture where you can see at least 5 miles of my legs in a little black dress, black hose and black high heel pumps. It was a killer look, oh and the hair, it was super big……yep the good old days, oh and what brought about this trip down memory lane? I just happened to see a link with Suzie’s name, first and last, I followed it, but it wasn’t my old Suzie, mind you we didn’t part on friendly terms but while we were friends we were tight…and life goes on!

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