Sunday, bloody Sunday

do you look forward to Sundays with me?
do you look forward to Sundays with me?

Well, don’t know about any blood yet, but it is Sunday. I have been up for quite a while…I’m on my last cup of coffee, took the pooch out to potty, woke the boys up, put a bag outside my door for a freecycler, finishing up with this post, emails, and newspapers…then I’m throwing some jeans on, a tank top, flip flops and my hair up then off to the wall. It has been a while since I’ve been there and I need to pick up some grocery items. I’ve been sending the boys and that works for the most part, but I need to make the trip and get other things…things I can’t think of until I go up and down the aisle. I am so not a list maker…I’m taking the boys with me as I need to get them a couple of things as well and the wall does not provide carryout service and I don’t have it in me to load and unload anything.

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