Laboring on Labor Day~

I’ve been up for hours, had my coffee in solitude…no complaints there. Made a huge pile of French Toast for the boys, organized the junk room…again. Boys both got their laundry done, and I’ve started on my own laundry. We have windows open and there is a nice breeze coming in. So far a perfect day.

I’m thinking a cup of tea sounds good, my allergies have been brutal, feels like my head wants to pop off, but I estimate at least another 20 minutes of misery and then it should taper off.

We are staying in today, nothing to do, nowhere to go and nobody to see. YAY. So I’m off to continue with my domestic vanilla life. Speaking of vanilla, I was recently told my life sounds boring. HA. Nothing boring about it, my life works for me and I control the pace….granted there are days I wish I could just flit about to and fro.

Happy Labor Day to all the mother’s as you remember your days of being in labor….or whatever you do or think about on labor day.

Sabado Gigante~

Giant Saturday…making some French Toast for my babies, heating up some tamales, making another pot of coffee, waiting for my pain meds to kick in…and my sleeping pills, yes pills, I’ve taken two…hoping I can get some much needed sleep. I will get back to my book which has some really great quotes…so I’ll be doing another blog later with quotes from it…but I better get busy and start cooking….

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