Can’t catch a break lately….

Stolen car….with brand new car seat for the princess….buh-bye $125+…car recovered…TORCHED, sadly the thieving fucker was not torched in the vehicle…yeah I know it’s a little harsh…and actually a good thing the thieving fucker didn’t get injured or injure anyone else while he was having fun in the stolen car.

My truck is broken, not sure what is wrong with it….it’s not the battery…she needs attention…finances, weather and time permitting.

My car is acting sick, got filters and belts for it….still need to get them installed….finances, weather and time permitting.

Still have a hole on the side of the house where the beginnings of a plumbing job was started….still a work in progress…will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

Roof leaking….will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

Leak in laundry room….will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

and the list goes on and on….all with the same old tired refrain…will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

Through all this I have been getting help from friends….as far as the labor goes….that in turn allows me to pay it forward in kind. I’ve informally adopted an elderly gent and a kidlet. I just don’t have the physical stamina to do more than I already do…when I do overextend myself I feel like my entire Mexican family got their pointy fence jumping boots on and kicked the shit out of me, took a 5 minute break and then kicked me some more….

Why-o, why-o

Why does sleep elude me? I am tired, I did manage a 30 minute nap before the boys got home from school…but that was not enough…I was going to try to read myself to sleep but that is not likely. Seems that my Tuesday was a waste, no answer from either the idiots at my insurance company or the idiots at the dr’s office. Frustrating as crap…I was also supposed to schedule an appointment for some further testing, hasn’t happened….I’m not necessarily looking forward to the drive out there or in trying to find someone to go with me. I hate asking my son or for that matter anyone else to take time off work to go. Right now finances are super tight and compensating someone to go with me in addition to the expense of getting there and possibly spending the night…$cary thought. How did I end up in this predicament? Well let’s see…when one is not popular or have RL friends…this shit happens. I wish I could just get it done locally but the DR I go to doesn’t feel that our neck of the woods has any professional capable of getting the testing done to his specifications….Back track…I do have RL friends but I am not comfortable in putting anyone out….I just wish I could do it myself…I’m not dealing well with the state of crippledom I am in. I’m worse off now than before….fuckers, they fucked me up….bitter? Who? Me? Shush up…

Do I sound bitter?
Do I sound bitter?

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