Going clubbing~

Their relationship was…interesting…and they both battled for control, and not infrequently they had heated discussions — arguments — okay, fights. They regularly resolved to do better, but on whose terms would they do better?

His! Hers!

Round and round, and then they would be making up and falling back in love, until before long they were “discussing” again. Over their many years together, this rhythm, which others might find unbearable, had become familiar and even comfortable, mostly because it was theirs. And in spite of the storm cycles, there had been no big betrayals — no affairs — or at least, um, none that she knew of.

She came to appreciate the volatility of their union, in her it cemented a warped sense of love, honor and trust. She knew the opposite could be said for him.

She stumbled upon many clubs in the night-time hours when others slept. She went clubbing, on her own, as a voyeur she could sit back and watch implosions. Relationships are a mystery to her, on the outside they can look shiny, pretty, wrapped up in a perfectly puffed out bow. Upon closer inspection, looking through a film covered glass the once shiny façade becomes a run of the mill story that can be found in every “Once upon a time” tale. Sitting there, eavesdropping on a table of jaded lovers she hears truths.

Yes, she has the best possible “Once upon a time” tale of her own.

Happily never after….cause she has it good~

Finding my way back~

Life would be so much easier if we were handed erasers. If we could be granted the use of erasers that worked the way magic wands work in fairy tales…

marriage/divorce~ poof be gone

I’d erase wrinkles, stretch marks and for sure I would erase mistakes…sadly life doesn’t work that way. So we have to take our mistakes and learn from them…my problem is I tend to repeat the same mistakes, but on the upside of that is that the more mistakes I make the more I learn…that should make me a freaking genius.

I'm up to volume 5 in my library...hehe~

These past few weeks I have felt a big weight being lifted off of my shoulders. The depression I had been making a part of my life is making its way out….I still have my dark days…those days when the physical pain is so unbearable that I just wish I could check out.

Today is a check out day~

What keeps me going? My kids. That simple…my boys, they need me, I am their mom, their dad and they are my everything.

But back to the erasers…I don’t really need them, I have my own version of an eraser…it’s a filing system of sorts…I file things, people, places, events, wrongs in a compartment in my big head…and once they are in this special repository of forgetfulness….well if I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen….now if I could only get back what I put into it financially I’d be able to get things fixed around here….

I’ll go back to the drawing board…I have solutions but I am far from being a true genius… 

Blood gives way to fluff~

So as I read about death, dismemberment, blood and all that good stuff and let my head be filled with all things murderous I decided to give myself a break and read some light fluff.

I found this fluff in “The Notebook”, and I say fluff because this is a love story, and I don’t do love stories very well, frivolous fairy tales of escapism reminding me of the earliest readings of Harlequin romances….yuck, yuck, puke, puke. To give the author credit, there was a serious deviation from the familiarly outlined plots found in the garbage strewn pages of a Harlequin novel. I am thankful for this, and with great shame I must admit that I enjoyed the damn book and I even spilt tears a couple of times, and if anyone dares to mock me over this, well fuck you….that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

I did enjoy the book over the movie and I’m glad that I didn’t read the book first, that would have ruined the movie for me as there were several inconsistencies, as there usually are when a book is turned into a movie.

yuck, yuck, puke, puke

So what is it about fluff…fluff is nothing more than lint trapped in a belly button…or a dryer….or on your favorite black garment….so anyhoo…I’m thankfully done with the fluff and I can now return myself to meatier reading.

I give the book two thumbs up…even though reading this kind of stuff takes me longer….

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