Finally getting to that darned disclaimer….

I’ll preface it by letting you all in the internets know, that I’s got nothing else doing….for now anyway….so here goes….and I hope I cover everything (which is damn near impossible….so yeah…it’s whatever)….

Blog Disclaimer

TOS (Terms of Service / AKA the small print nobody ever bothers to read)

You are here either by accident or you looked me up because you were curious about me, or you are stalking me (pathetic if you are stalking me, there are far more fascinating people who are stalk worthy, sadly I am not)….or we have chatted before and I may have mentioned I write (blog) and you decided to check me out….well here is the part where I warn you to  STOP if you are sensitive and paranoid. You are here of your OWN free will, I am not forcing you to read this. Any information you take from here is done at YOUR own risk.

Any information provided here is strictly for entertainment purposes, I am not a medical, legal or otherwise expert on anything that doesn’t pertain to me, and even if it pertains to me I am still not qualified as an expert. So if I tell you to pull your hair out to stop your head from hurting and you follow suit, you are plain and simple too stupid to exist.

Reserved rights

I, at anytime I so decide to do so, reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use at my sole discretion.

I reserve the right to moderate and delete inappropriate comments. I basically reserve the right to say or do whatever I want with the content, don’t like it, find the X on the upper right hand corner of this page and say goodbye.

In Captivity~

I had things to do and places to go to and people to see this morning, it is now afternoon and I will not be able to leave for a while still. I’m getting a new furnace installed and the installers needed to go pick up supplies (that they should have had) and taking their lunch break. I only want to leave once and get everything done in one outing so I have to be patient and wait. In the meantime I’ve been reading and doing some light housework. Mood has elevated a smidge…that’s always a plus.


Rainless and random~

Nowadays when we want to get the latest on local news we turn to FB, (that would be Facebook) if there’s been breaking news, or a break up, or even a make-up and no not the makeup we put on our faces, but the relationship kind….if it rains, what the current temperature is, you name it and more than likely someone has posted about it. I’m hardly surprised at what people post, someone (a long time ago) left the bag of idiots open and quite a few got out, some have been recaptured and tamed, but there are still quite a few roaming free and reproducing. I happen to be related to some that should have never reproduced, yes it’s mean to say it, but I think those idiots are meaner than I could ever be. Those same idiots have had no shame posting their disdain for their offspring and not in a joking manner, I’ve seen some (which shall remain nameless to protect their offspring) who have posted publicly how they hate their children and wished them to have never been born. Yes quite dramatic but sadly true.  Said idiots have been banned from my social (networking) life. And because I too have called my own children idiots I feel I need to clarify, mind you that I do clarify for my own children as well, they are not idiots, they simply do idiotic things, and before someone thinks me a hypocrite, I am to blame for some of the idiotic behavior of my children, I am their mother and father so all blame is automatically shifted to me. That’s just how the cookie crumbles in my house.

Sorry I got distracted with the FB tangent….I was on the subject of rain, or rather the lack of it, for over an hour I enjoyed the light show (lightning) and the thunder and even the teasing smell of rain, but alas not a single drop from the sky fell around me….and yes FB and the peeps and peepettes there were posting about the rain they got, they are but a few miles away….so what gives mother nature? Well not that i expect her to reply to my question….I know the answer, it just is not meant to be, at least not today.

Boy number two has been asking just about everyday if I’m going anywhere…but now I know who will be ready to go with me to the grocery store early Sunday morning. I promised him he could drive there and back. Now that could be an idiotic move on my part, but hopefully we survive it, if not well there will be one less idiot on the road, (or two).


Just stuff…whining, bitching, pet peeves & such~


Spring Break is right around the corner, along with Daylight Saving Time which starts on March 13 at 2 a.m. just in time to make us all discombobulated for St. Patrick‘s Day. Batten down the hatches and give me some green beer bitches.

My back has been a pain in the ass…well almost…it is hurting close to my ass…lower back, right side now…usually it is my left side with leg numbness thrown in the mix. So far not much of that on the right…hope not either, I need to be able to feel…besides trying to stand up and not being able to completely feel your legs is not cool. I’ve been once again hitting the bottle…not the sauce but the pain meds. This week I am doing very little, need to get my back to stop hurting like a mofo…got a road trip ahead and I’d hate for it to be completely miserable.  As it is we will be visiting family and we all know that in and of itself can be quite painful.

Starting road trip on TX 83


This morning I finally finished unpacking from my girls weekend…now it is time to pack again, secure a housesitter and all the other shtuff that needs to be done.


Currently on my pet peeve need to bitch about it radar are cell phones…or more like cell phone users that are attached to their devices. Nothing like inviting people for a get together you haven’t seen in a while and they proceed to spend the next 2 hours on their phones. RUDE and obnoxious…and not happening again….I’d rather sit alone than across from someone clearly not present….there off my chest…feel a tad bit better.

I think I just burned 5% off my back with my heating pad….sheesh.

Need water. 

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