Morning musings~

I am exhausted, both physically and emotionally…will this ever stop????? I know, no answers here or there or for that matter anywhere. Life sucks sometimes, but I guess if it didn’t it wouldn’t be life. Paranoia is setting in…long never ending story there…no point in getting into that.

I’ve been up and productive, have a load in the washer, got the back room cleaned, that room is always catching all kinds of crap, I wish it wasn’t there as it really is not a functional part of the house, but it does serve to catch-all kinds of crap.

I have my diet set up for the week, one giant box of dry cereal and frozen fruit….actually if the boys don’t get into either this should last me a good couple of weeks as I only intend to have a cup of dry cereal and two or three pieces of fruit. I call it my back to school diet. With the boys back in school there is no point to eating more than this, thus freeing up more money for after school meals.

I have also been contemplating another round with the scissors, not liking what looks back at me in the mirror, doubt the hair cutting will help, maybe covering up all the mirrors may be a better solution….before anyone else points it out I just realized how EMO I sound. That just made me laugh, laughter is good. Despite all the bad there is still good.

I have been mentally glossing over the FINAL chapter of the EX-Files….but the final chapter is the hardest to actually put down, it is too raw….but it’s like a demon that needs to be exorcised, get it out and forget about it. No timetable set for this project…just rambling….and I’m off, got other things that need to be done around here, we were on the lazy side this weekend and I didn’t get the boys to clean house like I should have, so I’m going to attempt it on my own, maybe that will put me out, even if the out hurts like a bitch at least I’ll be distracted.

Happy Monday ☺

I cut myself ~ Just to see if I would bleed

I cut myself to see if I would bleed
I cut myself to see if I would bleed

…and bleed I did, like a mofo….and I didn’t cut myself in an Emo kind of way…more like I was trying to shave and I shaved off a chunk of skin on that spot on your ankle, ladies, you know the spot, I”m sure….so anyway I was dripping blood all over the bathroom floor, trying to clean it up, screaming for a band aid….before that I did some more screaming…I was stepping out of my bedroom and I had already taken out my contacts as I was going to jump in the shower…well when I opened the door I saw a huge ass spider, like a tarantula…a big ass hairy spider of the Theraphosidae family, so I was screaming for Bert AKA Coven my oldest and badass spider killer mom saver son, so when he comes over to see why I am screaming bloody murder he sees what I am pointing at, flips on the hallway light and starts laughing at me. Andrew my second badass spider killing mom saver son comes up to see what is going on and they inform me that the tarantula is simply a big ass hairball. Not hair from a big ass, but from my head…I don’t know how it is that I am not bald…I swear it looked like a big ass hairy spider….sheesh…so I go in search of my lint roller brush and drop it down on the floor where I can roll it over my killer hairball. Why does this shit happen to me? Why do I have to be so blind that I cannot see well enough to tell a hairball from a spider? Anywho I proceeded to roll the damn lint roller all over my bedroom floor…lots more potential “Spiders” were rolled up…at least I won’t have to be taking the vaccuum cleaner apart to get all the hair off the roller….I may start looking at a wig….

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