Sunday randomness~

Sitting across from boy # 1 and this is what I hear….

“I don’t know anything, I’m drunk….off of boudin…I got nothing”

….yep that’s what he said….he had nothing…

In a couple of days he is leaving me, so we are spending some time together, he got to drive Miss Daisy (AKA my old crippled ass) one last time to my doctor’s appointment.

Ima gonna light a fire....

So anywho we went to eat at Pappadeaux, had the Jumbo Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp on a bed of dirty rice with some Boudin sausage and some french bread. We split the meal and I still managed to feel stuffed and have left overs.

On our drive there I took these random photos…just because….

then here we are in the hotel room sitting across from each other….being weird….and random.

Boy # 1



Let it snow~

2.2 total of the white stuff~


Here in Tom Green County, San Angelo, TX to be exact, when it snows, headlines are made, panic sets in for some, glee for others and hope for the kiddos that a bad weather day will be called. I myself turned my TV on so that I could see if they would flash a delay or school closure on the screen, but nope, nada. Boy # 1 did get the day off so he was able to take boys 2 and 3 to school. 

Check out the little snowballs in the planter on the left...


X (or piss) marks the spot~


I myself decide that I need to get out and do some shopping, so I sit back to put my face on while boy # 1 makes me breakfast and serves me on a golden tray….well the tray is gold-colored, but not real gold. We head out to get groceries and then stop off for lunch…which left me way too full and immediately regretting the decision to eat out, shoulda listened to him…oh well…it was good to get out anyway. 

The Left one, looking for just the right spot~


I’m currently listening to Lefty behind me snoring away.(Lefty was the family pet, he now resides at a different location, I am dog sitting) He was too cute yesterday when I let him out to take care of his business. We don’t get the white stuff here too often so when he stepped out yesterday morning he hesitated for a brief second then took off…it was cute to watch him until he decided that while the white stuff was pretty and fun for a minute or two, it soon got real cold. His little paws were freezing, so I cuddled him up to me to warm him up. 

I wasn't drunk, but had I been this is how I would have looked~


Keeping my baby warm~

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