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So I drive up to work, park, all the while keeping an eye on the car up the street, that is just sitting there, engine running, lights on, in the middle of the street. I gather my gear, punch my code in, go in, see the car on camera slowly drive by my car, up the street…it makes a U-turn and pulls up behind me….try to pull up the camera that might help us see who is the vehicle, no luck, mouse is frozen…walk up to the door, take a look….still can’t see who is in the car…tinted windows….head back to the office…sit there looking at the monitor…nobody gets out, car is still running…we are held hostage….this is shift change….my coworker cannot safely leave and I cannot go on transport…time to call the popo….great response time…within 2 minutes we have popo’s surrounding the building, and the car…they approach the car, then come to the door….and let me know it’s someone that wants to come in…I get a name….and the bells go off….we’ve had some drama before with this one…..sigh…anywho…it took 45 minutes to get the situation under control, more popo’s, and a hapless cab driver….then time to go pick up the person waiting on me….so now I am out an hour and a half of time I could’ve been using to catch up on work….

Next…a visitor to my office…just wants to talk…and talk….and talk…about nothing cohesive…

Next….an accident….sigh….call ambulance…

Next…a trip to the ER….and then I’m back…

Next….the visitor again….NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next….another transport….

Next….open the gate…and then the other gate is open and a glitch has it tripping….

Next…dispensing meds x’s 10…

Next….the visitor….and I’m been told what a great listener I’ve been…I wasn’t…

Next…got locked out…..

Next….wah….it just kept going and going….I need another day off….


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Stolen car….with brand new car seat for the princess….buh-bye $125+…car recovered…TORCHED, sadly the thieving fucker was not torched in the vehicle…yeah I know it’s a little harsh…and actually a good thing the thieving fucker didn’t get injured or injure anyone else while he was having fun in the stolen car.

My truck is broken, not sure what is wrong with it….it’s not the battery…she needs attention…finances, weather and time permitting.

My car is acting sick, got filters and belts for it….still need to get them installed….finances, weather and time permitting.

Still have a hole on the side of the house where the beginnings of a plumbing job was started….still a work in progress…will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

Roof leaking….will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

Leak in laundry room….will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

and the list goes on and on….all with the same old tired refrain…will get to it too…finances, weather and time permitting.

Through all this I have been getting help from friends….as far as the labor goes….that in turn allows me to pay it forward in kind. I’ve informally adopted an elderly gent and a kidlet. I just don’t have the physical stamina to do more than I already do…when I do overextend myself I feel like my entire Mexican family got their pointy fence jumping boots on and kicked the shit out of me, took a 5 minute break and then kicked me some more….

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So many annoyances….

I(idiot…no not me…but yeah, sometimes I can be) Why don’t you believe?
R(me) Why do you?
I-I was raised Catholic
R-That’s all you got?
I-yes, I was raised in the church and that’s what my parents taught me.
R-Sounds like indoctrination
I-No, it was how I was raised
R-again, Sounds like indoctrination
R-yeah, that’s what I thought….you are basically telling me that you only believe because you were told to, taught to, take your pick, me, I just formed my own thoughts and opinions, and they may be wrong, but at least I’m formulating my own thoughts and not espousing someone else’s views that are just passed on generationally.
R-no bible thumping please, I had my fill from one idiot (or two) to last me a lifetime.


I have simple criteria….that means 3 basic things have to be met before I consider a date…
1. Must have a job
2. Must have transportaion (preferably your own)
3. Must not live with mommy

I’m not looking for a boyfriend (I’m too old for that) I don’t need, like or want a needy, insecure and clingy asshat. Don’t call me, then call me back 15 minutes later and tell me you’ve missed me. Then whine that I don’t like you or ever say I miss you. Hello…you need to give me time to miss you…so go away…stay away…be gone for a week…or two…or even three….I can’t stand a needy person.

Never ending home repairs…sigh…enough said…

and insomnia….I hate insomnia…gives me too much time to think about this shit that annoys me…but I have to keep it in because if I tell the asshats and idiots how I really feel they get butt hurt…I just can’t find it in me to give a shit sometimes….I know…breathe…and type…bitch or blow….now time to go make me some coffee and get ready for work. Happy Monday to me.asshat

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I hate drama…especially when I haven’t done or said anything to warrant it…I offered my unconditional support to someone, offered an ear, advice and gave of my time. Tried to stick up for this person, knowing said individual has had the sad misfortune of being raised by a sad excuse for a human.

What do I get in return for my efforts? I get shit on…that’s what I get….lol.

That’s all fine and good, I can take it…for a second or two…but I don’t have to. So said individual can fuck off….I’ve taken enough crap in my personal life that the notion of outside crap has left a bad taste in my mouth.

I can wish this person well, and I can at the same time give them a big fuck you goodbye.

I have no use for you~

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Friday~ Part dos~

I didn’t make it to the laundry room, but I did make it to the shower…and out of the house. Not on my own….but with my cousin Debbie. We went and had lunch at Applebees, I had a small Oriental grilled chicken salad with a couple of sliders…the salad was good but I was not impressed with the sliders. I would have gone all out and ordered dessert but after the salad there wasn’t any room…imagine that, no room for cheesecake. After lunch we headed to the mall, went into a couple of stores…found a necklace and a watch…a purple watch no less.

Love~ how apropos~

After the mall we headed to WalMart where I picked up a few other items and by then I was feeling stiff and found it difficult to get back in the vehicle, but I managed….but by then I was ready to get home, pop a pill and crash. It was good to get out but I still have a long ways to go.

I am now lying in bed, wide awake, in pain and not finding a comfortable position. Crap is also swirling through my head, unnecessary crap. I should be living a drama free life but karma is a bitch…yeah I know…so am I.

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I’ve had my coffee, met the drama quota, took a shower, weighed myself (I’ve lost 5 pounds). This morning sickness cracker and water diet works wonders.

Quota exceeded

Quota exceeded

I’ve read my newspapers, a few blogs, emails and status updates.

Read, read, read...

Read, read, read...

Visited my social networking sites.

Been here...and there..and everywhere...

Been here...and there..and everywhere...

I’ll be ingesting a narcotic in a few and hope for blissful oblivion. I don’t want to be here today.

Zen~ gotta find you...

Zen~ gotta find you...

I will/may update my daily activities throughout the day. Doubtfully anything super exciting will happen. I may just provide you with a list of the mindless entertainment I watch throughout the day…then you can sit there and play armchair analyst and try to figure me out.

My panties are in a wad...in my drawer....

My panties are in a wad...in my drawer....

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