Thank you~

Dear Wonderful YOU (You know who you are):

On behalf of me and mine, I would like to thank you for your generous contributions. Your generosity to helping is sincerely appreciated and means more than its monetary value.

Your donations will be put to use as intended, though I listed shoes for myself first…I will forgo them as they are not a necessity at this time. The gift cards, PayPal and cash donations will help tremendously!

I ♥ you!


Day 2 ~

and the winner is "the new guy"

I arrived with about 5 minutes to spare, made it up the steps, into the women’s dressing room, took off my brace, put it and my bag in a locker and  stepped out to the pool area. Everyone else scheduled for that time was already there…I made my way into the pool, first thought, the water is not as warm as it was last week…said hello to the two grandma’s and the PT guy, keep forgetting his name, starts with a J, so I’ll just call him J. The new guy was lowered into the water…I heard the lift screech and thought how horrible it would be if it broke, or worse if I had to use it. A few minutes later J had us all working on different exercises….everything I do hurts, I feel the burn, the struggle of my body to not want to do this, I fight back tears and I repeat “No pain, no gain” over and over, it becomes my mantra….””No pain, no gain”. I begin to look around for distractions, grandma # 1’s daughter shows up with a service dog, I didn’t realize Chihuahua’s made for good service dogs…but whatever, that little dog was yapping up a storm….next thing that catches my attention, comes out of the periphery of my left eye, it’s the new guy…I am unable to suppress a laugh…I’m so busted by J….he wants to know what I’m laughing at…I say nothing, wouldn’t be nice…but I can share with you….new guy was wearing a white T-shirt, at first glance my eyes are transfixed to the boobs, it’s like for a moment I can picture myself on the sidelines of a wet t-shirt contest, hands down he’d have been my pick for perkiest boobs in this pool.

I’ve yet to go online to check and see what will or will not be covered by my insurance….I doubt if I’ll be able to afford the 3 times a week my doctor suggested. Not only that I need to refill my pain medication prescription, that one’s not so bad, that’s just $10.00, but I will not be able to continue my monthly hormones, not at $25 a month…maybe yummy doctor can hook me up with samples.Sheesh…why does everything have to be about money?

BTW…(click →) here’s the other blog where I shamelessly make my plea for donations to my fix-me-up fund. Check it out if you are feeling generous, pass it along to someone who wants to adopt an old brokendownbeatenupbylifeoldhag.

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