Feels Like Family~

Feels Like Family

Book three of the Sweet Magnolia’s Trilogy

I have not read book one or two, but did enjoy a break from my usual blood and guts gorefest.

Feels like family introduced me to Helen, a high-powered divorce attorney who at 42 hears her biological clock ticking. She takes in a couple of kids for a short while and that solidifies her decision that she is ready to become a mother. At her age, there isn’t much time to wait around and try to do things in their natural order….like find a man, marry him and do it the way she had dreamed. So she schemes and gets her wish….but what she didn’t plan on was life getting in the way….actually love got in the way….

A quick read…a little contrived…a feeling of deja vu as I read it…but overall an okay read.

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