Free Flow

He painted my picture

Slashes of evil, strokes of bitterness, splatters of regret

Ribbons of disgust and disdain

He then spoon fed me my beauty, my kindness, my gentle soul

ruby cantu
Soul for Sale~

The juxtaposition is confounding

I stood in front of the mirror

I spoke, on my shoulder he bespoke

I saw the joke, gee what a bloke

We then went for broke

I’m back in my nest, in need of a rest

Never at your behest, save it for the test

Searching for words to feed the birds

blah, blah, blah~

I found my autonomy, not easy in this economy

As my head explodes I think of my threnode

I think of the bliss, not your diss

My mind unfettered, freeing and bettered


Ruby Cantu 3.5.19



Conversations with the egg donor

Because I was being dutiful or perhaps bored I made a phone call to my mother AKA the egg donor…anywho my SIL had communicated that she would be taking her sons to visit their grandmother…so I was merely asking if she had enjoyed seeing her grandsons….her response…and I shit  you not was that she would have preferred a phone call……..WTF is wrong with her?

She complains to anyone and everyone that we don’t call, she doesn’t get to see her grandkids….blah, de blah, de blah….I was flabbergasted…perhaps disgusted….I asked how the kids were, anything to gauge if she was happy to have seen them….nothing…..

She did complain about having to do this, that, the other for sister and her niece, but I corrected her, she chooses to do for then….I really don’t know why I bother….if we were not related I don’t think I would even bother…I ended the conversation….I don’t know how I could come from that….I still taste the bile in my mouth and feel disgust after talking to her……

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