23 days….

In 23 days boy # 2 will leave us. Today it hit me, and as I broke down, he broke down with me. We hugged for a good while and said I love you, love you back, love you more. And cried some more. I thought I was all cried out from yesterday. I had a bittersweet father’s day, me and my dead daddy. He has been gone for over 20 years, yesterday it was raw and I decided to cheer me up….I phoned in an order from Applebee’s, 2 for $20, one appetizer and two entrees. I fed my daddy very well, spicy boneless wings, chicken and shrimp with potatoes and a riblet basket with fries. I was quite miserable when I was done…..confession, I might have fed us too much. My belly still hurts. Dead people can’t really eat. I’m getting fat. I’ve gained over 10 pounds in 2 weeks time. Not done getting fat. Going away party for D will add more weight. SIGH***


Things I think~

Insomnia sucks.

I miss you and not in the I haven’t seen you or talked to you in a while kind of way…..but in the I miss you because I can’t be with you kind of way.

I lay here distracted from the possibility of sleep with thoughts I can’t share with you. There is not a person I feel I can open up to…about the things that keep me awake. I have me, and while I can keep myself in good company alone I don’t have the warmth of you. Just this miserable Texas heat.

I have a pile of books I need to catalog before I reshelf them or is it reshelve? Well it’s one or the other…and I need to get it done.

I cooked 2 pots of beans this weekend….and my beaners scarfed them up. Must buy more beans….and rice and potatoes…and chicken…the staples of a poor Mexican pantry. Must find new and exciting ways to cook this stuff.

Must do laundry, finally got some ironing done…still need to put folded stuff away…and bake a cake.

If you were here you would know all this.

I need a mani/pedi, haircut, wax, facial and massage….basically what I need is a spa day. I think I can do all here, minus the massage….unless I plug-in my back massager.

I’ll quit babbling now….ILU.

Red Beans & Rice ~ ♥☺♥ ~

Love me some Red Beans & Rice...yum

 So I am home alone for a spell, a girls got to eat…so that means a girls got to cook…and why am I calling myself a girl??? Okay an old hag has got to eat…yeah, girl sounds better but I am not deluding myself…so anyways….what to cook for one? I looked in the cupboard and it’s almost bare, but there are a couple of boxes of this and that and one of the boxes happened to be Tony Chachere’s Red Beans & Rice…can we say jackpot!!! woohoo

Chicken and sausage…check!!! I love cooking this, all the spices are already in the mix and it takes almost no time to prepare, I usually add both the sausage and the chicken and I’ve got my main dish, a side of mixed veggies and I’m good to go for the next couple of days.

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