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I am a true James Patterson fan and had been holding on to Alex Cross’s Trial as I knew that it was not an “Alex Cross” novel but a novel written by the fictional Alex Cross.  Alex Cross makes an appearance in the beginning and only for a foreword. I am not much into historical books, but this one has me riveted. President Theodore Roosevelt makes an appearance along with Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known as Mark Twain.

Racism in the deep south in the early 1900’s is the setting and drive for the plot. Gruesome lynchings and rampant murder are dotted throughout. I am now close to the end at the Trial part and I just know that the ending will not disappoint. The only sadness is that my book may not survive until the end, it is a book that I received through freecycle and it was abused by its previous owner….perhaps they didn’t like the ending and took it out on the book. I give it two thumbs up and will be passing the book along to another grateful reader. Now if I could find another author that wrote like Patterson I would be more prone to get into the historical books….there is hope for me and this genre yet.


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