Whims being what they are….

The idea gave way to sudden capriciousness…whims work that way, I just fancied shorter hair…I’m getting there, an inch here, 2 inches there…serves a twofold purpose…I’m needing to feel lighter, and it seems cutting my hair is the only way I can feel lightness. I did manage to drop one pound, but I fear I will pick it up tomorrow…and change is good. Long hair can get very tired….always pulling it up, tying it, clipping it, having it fall, getting a headache, the tangles, the strands falling out….but the silver strands have multiplied exponentially and I like!

I don’t want to be one of those slaves to the bottle, a visible line of demarcation when new growth appears and no time or money to touch it up…nope, gonna just suck it up and age on as graceful as possible. Things are falling, sagging, wagging and lagging…..but I heard a sexy song in spanish where he was singing of the gracefulness and lovliness of the saggy boobies of his object of affection….so yeah there is hope for us old hags…not that I’m hoping for anything….just throwing it out there.

Well gots prep work to do for tomorrow. the Tia is coming over and cooking, got to clean here and there, or rearrange crap. Pot of beans is ready, just have to turn it on in the morning before I head off to work. The eats will be delish…hence the picking up the pound of flesh I lost…sigh…fatness sucks….but food is good. Fat girl sings the blues…

What I gots @ Casa de Ruby, we not po’ yet~

My fridge~

I also have 3 potatoes, 1 lettuce, 2 avocados, 3 Roma tomatoes and 1 zucchini, beer provided by my boy Josh, who joined us for tacos this evening.

canned goods & boxed shtuff~

 See we have enough for at least another 2 weeks. Not shown is the cereal, the box of noodles and the stuff in my freezer, my freezer has a roast, some chicken and two other packages of meat….oh and 5 trays of ice….and a bag of frozen strawberries.

Whuz happenin’ @ Casa de Ruby 2day~

Nada much yet, just got back from getting groceries and stopping by to visit my boy Josh…Boy # 3 got a movie and insists on making me watch it…Avatar….which I’ve hear is like a love story…that makes me go yuck, and gag, and puke and oh well…I’ll watch it anyway…since I did watch one with Boy # 2 yesterday.

I got some fixings for Cinco de Mayo, we will probably have some tacos, beans and rice. Just need the beer…for me, not for us. They are still babies.

Oh and big spender that I am I hit the clearance rack and got 4 shirts for $1 each….woohoo. I’ll be stylin’…not…but I’m a sucker for a good clearance.

I’ve also found a buyer for my bed, which I wasn’t planning on selling but I could use the money…that way the boys will get something besides noodles. I’ve also decided to sell my treadmill, bike and one of my dining tables…a printer/scanner, a TV, and some other odds and ends. Life sucks when you need to start selling off random things…but they are just things…so chin up…

Well I’m off to be tortured with the boys and that puke inducing love story….gag me….

Quiet Sunday~

Casa de Ruby~

It is quiet at Casa de Ruby….for now anyway. One of the boys is up and about but without his brothers up he also enjoys his quiet time….I am going to go and cook them breakfast, maybe some banana muffins and an omelette…sounds good to me and if I make it for them it’ll sound good to them as well.

Yesterday I felt strong enough to attempt an outing so I went for it, boy # 3 and I left and stopped at Olive Garden and had lunch, we had soup, salad and bread sticks and split the Mixed Grill…and we had leftovers but decided not to carry out a doggy bag. We then headed to the grocery store and slowly made our way up and down the aisles…by the time we left there I started to feel the pain and wasn’t sure if I was going to make it home…but since I had driven myself I had to suck it up. By the time I walked into the house all I could do was ask the boys to bring everything in and put it up, take me a pain pill, fire up my heading pad and seek comfort in my little corner full of pillows. But I was glad to have been able to conquer the driving. Note to self…only go to one place and do not stay out too long. Self ~ “Noted”

Today will be a rest and recover day, I’ve got movies on DVR and another book I started reading a couple of nights ago. There is rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow, that makes me think of nothing but snuggling…I don’t have anyone to snuggle with…dammit…oh well I will substitute snuggling with food. Happy Sunday, make it a funday…

Book down~


I'm not quite this sexy when I read~

I just finished another book and about to start another one…I also took a minute to put out a request for more books off of freecycle. I have sort of lost my passion for the internets…well not entirely….but where I used to be connected 24/7 before…that is no longer the case. I still do my morning routine or rituals…have my coffee in front of my computer screen as I catch up on emails, pay bills, check my bank accounts, order household supplies, catch up on blogs, news or whatnot. What I no longer do is visit the social sites like I used to…something about being followed around caused me to withdraw from them. I still stop in to myspace every so often…like maybe once a week or sometimes once a month…I check to see if family or friends have left anything news worthy…then I move on to FB and do the same….somehow I ended up acquiring a ridiculously large number of friends…and quite frankly I am not a good friend…I don’t make the time to stop in and say hello to everyone….I know I should probably just go in and weed out the accidental friends…..but that requires energy….maybe later….so after all that is said and done my puter gets shut off and normally stays off until evening/night time. Funny thing is I am not missing my online time much…I am enjoying my quiet reading time.

Got a call from my doctors office…not good news…but that is not to be expected when they call….

I also took the time to go through the mountain of bills and EOB’s and did the math, gathered receipts and such…so I will try to get to the tax office to get my taxes done soon. Note to self, gather vehicle tax renewal receipts….

Tomorrow is furniture moving day part II….but this time I will be directing and not actually doing the moving…yes…painful lesson learned…I am an idiot…there I saved you the pleasure of calling me that…but if you must knock yourself out…you won’t hurt my feelings….I have decided I don’t like having feelings…so I am stuffing emotions away.

I have yet to download my snow pictures….I need to do that as I also have pictures of Lefty when he was here for his last visit. I will probably post some of the pictures here, but not on FB…I was amused at everyone else’s snow pictures…admittedly the stuff is pretty to look at…but that is about it.

I had one beer today. My days consist of my new motto…it’s 5 o’clock always at Casa de Ruby….

Saturday 01.02.10

Boy # 1

There’s a birthday coming up at Casa de Ruby, yeppers, boy # 1 will be 24….hard to believe my baby is going on 24….I don’t feel old enough to have a child that age. I may look it, but that is a different story.

Will bake him a cake and plan a menu…not sure what he will want.

Went to the mall yesterday, bought a couple of bracelets and sweats, top and bottom….hard to look at much around the stores, they are not cripple friendly, in the process I stripped nekkid a mannequin and knocked down a thing or two or ten. Part of me wants to advocate for the handicapped….and I will exercise that voice. Monday I will call a couple of stores and register my complaints.

I’m hungry. I slept in and I’m now looking at the clock and listening to my tummy rumble…loudly. I got on the boys early, have them tending to their laundry. They go back to school on Tuesday.

Need to go find food.

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