Wednesday Gems and other shtuff~

Saying “I forgive you” is the kindest way to tell someone: “I still think it’s your fault.”  I’d never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense….

The furnace guys didn’t turn my gas back on yesterday, so I’m still gasless, I have a call in to them, I hope they make it back today if not I will be cooking with electronics. (microwave, toaster oven, electric skillet, hot plate….)

Some wounds never heal, they just stop bleeding.

Will marry for health insurance~

I wasn’t born perfect….hmmm…I take that back, I was born perfect…but it didn’t last. Yes, I had all my fingers and toes, two eyes, two of everything that comes in two’s. But then I developed and inherited a genetic disorder and all that perfection I had is gone.

So now I am on my own trying to navigate the healthcare conundrum that many others out there are also having to battle, and I tell you what…it sucks big fat purple monkey balls.

I can still carry COBRA…but only if I starve my kids…or give them away….otherwise I cannot afford to pay the premium. This too if I don’t run my electric or gas…which for the most part I haven’t been able to do.

I’ve applied for insurance as an independent and that was denied, sure I can appeal, but while I appeal I have to continue to carry my unaffordable insurance and pay for the applications I submit. I also have to battle the idiots (if I can even get someone on the phone) pressing 1 for English and pressing 2 for this option only to get another menu with more options has made my blood pressure rise. So I’ll be adding high blood pressure to my list of things that are now wrong with me and give them another reason to deny my application. ***SIGH***

So I am reduced to this…trying to find a husband…not for LOVE but for his insurance. Maybe a military man, he can get an extra $$$ per year just for being married…I’d say that could be a win/win. He can have all his $$$ and I can have his insurance.

So if you know anyone with good insurance or anyone in the military wanting some extra $$$ send them a link to my blog. I promise not to be too picky. Oh and this needs to be ASAP.

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