Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series continues with Faithless, once again revisiting Sara Linton the Part Time Medical Examiner and pediatrician, her ex husband Police Chief Jeffery Tolliver and Detective Lena Adams. Slaughter deftly weaves the characters backgrounds into her narrative of the current crime. In this installment Sara and Jeffery stumble upon a grave of a young woman who was buried alive.

Domestic abuse is one of the topics that Slaughter explores here…with the continued abuse of Adams and a subplot involving a possible witness. Other  issues such as abortion, fundamentalist Christianity and Bible thumpers with unholy dealings and traditionalism dip and swirl throughout the novel. Her treatment of these issues, and others, is extremely evenhanded, with all points of view presented equally and with the author not taking any particular side, either implicitly or explicitly. As a result, the exploration of these issues adds to, rather than detracts from, the plotline. Slaughter’s primary focus is on the characters, all of whom are very much human and flawed in their own way.

550 pages ~2 day read

Walking a land mine over religion…




Ruby Triggered~

A land mine is usually a Ruby-triggered explosive subject which is intended to damage its target via inflammatory and/or tumultuous fragments of offensive and inoffensive commentary. I’m writing this as I was talking to my friend Tracy who earlier wrote a blog and was looking for an answer to a simple question….W.W.J.D.? She didn’t get her answer…seems we get the runaround but never a clear answer.   
Sorta where I am~~

 I dread the topics of religion and politics. But if I had to go with one over the other for the sake of the safety of my sanity I would pick politics. Religion has proven to me to be a subject I am not proficient in navigating. It doesn’t take much diarrhea of my mouth to offend someone’s beliefs. Which at this point I am not looking to offend, nor is it something I talk about for fun. I’ll be the first to admit I am way out of my league when it comes to bantering about religion.

In my experience anytime I’ve asked questions I’ve wanted answers for, just by the virtue of me asking I am offending someone. Which is just a crock of shit…if someone doesn’t know the answer, I’d much prefer they just told me they didn’t know, more often than not I get someone who professes to be this “Christian” know it all. Yet a simple question I may ask will offend. And why is it offensive to want an answer? How else am I too learn if I can’t figure it out on my own and I go to someone who professes to know it all? 

At this late stage in the game, I know that asking God to cure me ain’t gonna happen. I would be satisfied with a straight answer as to why I had to be one of the defective children. Too many times I’ve heard God doesn’t make mistakes….well HELLO…I’m a mistake…instead what I get is that I was chosen for a special purpose….easier for someone who has full use of their body to say that, but live a day in my body and you might be asking what special purpose you are really serving. 

I’ve tried over the years to have an open mind and I still have a long ways to go on that one. I’ve had my fair share of Holy Rollers let me know where I’m headed…to HELL…well HELLO again…I already live in hell….and I’ll take a thousand lashings with a wet noodle for the pejorative use of the words, Holy Roller, Jesus Freaks, Bible Bashers, Happy Clappers,Shakers and Bible thumpers. Get in line as I’m sure there will be at least a couple already lined up and ready to lynch me.

Something that confuses me about Christians is whether they learn in their bible how to judge others or if they come up with that idea on their own…it just baffles my mind. 

 Religious wars also confound me religiously motivated groups attempting to spread their faith by violence, or to suppress another group because of its religious beliefs or practices. Why? Is there one GOD? I was taught there was one GOD, but when you have the zealots trying to push their views on others that too gets crazy…we see countries at war with one another all in the name of religion. Is it right to kill in the name of GOD? Am I going to HELL with these same people that are trying to tell me that their views are the right way to get to heaven…do I want to go to heaven with someone that is filled with so much hate that they show their disgust at crippled people, gays and lesbians? 

Christian's in action~


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